Will Trump Challenge Mueller’s Subpoena?

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz stated President Trump should challenge the likely subpoena which could be placed by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Dershowitz stated, “Mueller has the ultimate card in his hand, the subpoena card. Because you subpoena the president, he has to go in front of the grand jury without his lawyer, without any opportunity to limit the questions.”

“But this gives the president some options, too. He can challenge the subpoena in court. He can go to the federal district court, the court of appeals, the United States Supreme Court. He can argue you can’t subpoena a president in a criminal case in front of a grand jury. He would possibly lose that broad issue. He can then argue you can’t ask a president why he engaged in acts that are authorized under Article II of the Constitution. He might well win that argument. Then he might argue you can’t ask me questions that go beyond the scope of the special counsel’s authority, namely to business dealings before he became president of the United States, and he may win or may lose that. It’s unclear.”

“I think he’d be in a better position challenging this legally than sitting down with the special counsel and answering that list of 40-some-odd questions that are so open-ended, so vague and so general.”

  • rick meek

    Rosenstein – mueller —– all of them are operating OUTSIDE the law…..Congress let the “special counsel” laws expire years ago…. This SC is operating on CFR’s which have been used by every obozo clown to make up and enforce regs on every business and manufacturer out there…….WHILE THEY MADE MONEY —- OF COURSE….

    • apzzyk

      You and all of the other Trumpites who think that their actions violate the law still have the absolute authority to make a citizens arrest, and that would leave you with the absolute liabily for making a false arrest if you are wrong. So how come there are so many who keep saying that Mueller and Sessions and others are violating the law and there have been none so far with the guts to do what is legally available to you. Why doesn’t one of Trump’s legal team, who are also officers of the court and are sworn to uphold the Constitution and the Laws of the land do this? Heep big smoke, but no damn fire?

      • dosadoe

        Huh? Please resent last smoke signal, Keemosabe!

      • rick meek

        because it’s wise to identify your enemy before committing to battle…..and these nuts are lining up – trying to get identified so they can be dealt with…..Try reading the “Art of War” by Sun Tzu or the “Book if Five Rings” by Musashi before making remarks…Other good reference is available by dozens of military leaders even Rommel…..but the oldest and wisest are the ones mentioned above….

  • Tony McQueen Sr.

    Congress and Session should fire Mueller and prosecute him to the full extent of the law.

  • Richard Wadzinski Jr

    just fire Herr Mooler already and send him and his minions to prison for the outrageous circus that has been called an investigation !

  • Trump should tell Mueller to kiss is ass on the subpoena.

    • dosadoe

      Or kiss the subpoena on everyone’s ass!

    • apzzyk

      At the meeting with Kim, Trump will drop trou and learn that he is not king of the world.

  • Jaron Gant Joyner

    I believe it’s against the Constution and our Laws to Subpeno President Trump-That Mueller wound have to wait Untill Our President is out of his -Elected position-To bring any Criminal Charges-That it’s Illegal-What Mueller is Threatening to do.We need to Work on-North Korea-Not Muellers And the Democrates-“GAMES”-To try and “Impeach”-Our President-END-Your Games-It’s Over-Take your Marbles-And go home-Mueller.!!!!

    • apzzyk

      If you would read it you would find that the Constitution is silent on these issues, but when falling back on things that Trump did not sign, the Constitution of Athens gave no immunity to criminal or civil matters to the rulers while after the radical demociacy in Athens the old rich, including Socrates, tried to take power from the people in a couple of coups, where they locked the people of Athens out of the central city – and Socrates was one of the old wealthy – the Oligarchy, who would have taken power if they could, and what about that charge of ‘corrupting youth’ – the same as Stormy and all of the others.
      Adams and Jefferson actually hated each other, and Adama (the conservative at the time) was only more than willing to sign the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1796 – which essentially repealed Trump’s basic foe – the Bill of Rights – by prohibiting people from critizing the govt and its officials, and provided for indefinate detention without trials, etc. which Trump would sign in a NY Minute, which was based on the FAKE news that France which was fully engaged in its own revolution- wanted to take over the US – something like the illegals and liberals, etc.
      At the time of the Constitution, the founders seem to have thought that our future leaders would all put the interests of ‘We the people …’ and the nation ahead of their own. Therefore, they never expected that a real all about himself person would make it to become president, even by the minority of the popular vote.
      This leaves us going into the past – before the battle of Runnymeade in 1215, the nobility in England got sick and tired of the King acting as if he were a God, and when King’s forces lost the King of England was given a choice between a noose and signing the Magna Carta, which at least made all members of the nobility equal, but left out the common people who were still subject to the will of their own noble. Our Constitution went a step farther and made all people equal, except for the slaves and the indentured servants, which was corrected during the civil war with the 13th and 14th Amendments. The way Trump acts is that all of these are invalid because he did not sign that, as he did not sign the agreement with Stormy which would have been an admission of his personal misconduct.
      Trump ran for Tyrant with absolute power and only got elected to be president with all of its restrictions. The question on an NPR political program today was when will Trump say ins 1000th lie while in office, and by the time the broadcast ended he seems to have said it by getting on Rudy. Subpoenas can be challened in court for improper purpose, but that will be an act of despriation on his part and are not on his legal team’s plate yet. Trump will probably tell us soon that he really does not put on his trousers one leg at a time, and people like you will probably believe him. What happened to the last guy who declared himself a god – which would have been Caligula (meaning little shoes) – watch the movies on Youtube.

  • apzzyk

    Trump did not sign the Magna Carta of 1215, which made the king as liable as any other citizen to the rule of the law, and happens to be the document that was used the most in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. At the Ruby Ridge incident where an ATF took a motion shot and killed Vicki Weaver, he was acting legally under Federal law, but was subject to the State Law that made such a shot resulting in Death a criminal act, to bail out the ATF Agent, the Federal Government had to pay the surviving members of the Weaver Family $3.2 million for her wrongful death. In the case of Sheriff Joe and his pardon before even being sentenced for violating a Court Order, Trump interefered with the legal process and went against long established Federal Rules regarding pardons, and like anyone else who obstructs justice he should be held legally responsible. Neil (the missing) Bush acted within his legal authority when he loaned an oil wildcatter $25 Million of Silvarado Savings Money but when the person who gave Neil a loan of a $1 million and Neil accepted this, he violated the conflict of interest regarding profiting from an official action by a person who had lending authority, and (probably because his dad was VP) the Feds chose to only prosecute for the civil offense so he paid the maximum civil penalty of $50,000 rather than the criminal penalty of 20 years in prison. The DOJ prsecutor had the legal discretion to file either or both, but made the legally available choice of just the civil penalty. Now Trump and his supporters are claiming that he is being treated unfairly by Mueller where anyone who had done the same would face the full weight of the law. If I had worked for a foreign government and had gotten $17 million for my services and had not registered as an agent of that government, and then not declared the $17 million as income, I would be in the Federal Prison at Atlanta and looking at the fact that I probably would not survive my sentence, but since Manafort did the same and was Trump’s campaign manager he should skate.

    • Connie Carnahan

      I love your comment. With respect to “Ruby Ridge” (I’ll keep this short) the FBI was under orders from Janet Reno, Attorney General. There were approx. 200 FBI Agents doing surveillance on the Weaver family at Ruby Ridge way back in the woods. The Weaver family was unaware they were being watched. JANET RENO told the agents to forget “the rules of engagement” and to keep their mouths shut. The agents shot and killed the family dog, Weaver’s son, and then the worst, they shot Weaver’s wife in the head who was at the front door holding a newborn. Bill Clinton talked to the judge who would hear this case, and asked him to put the whole deal to bed but not before Weaver sued and won.
      I guess you can tell I do not trust the FBI, the Justice Dept., the IRS, the NSA and cabinet members in support of the oval office. I swear I don’t know who can be trusted. I hope the President will see to it that all government employees are held to a higher standard and anything short of that is unacceptable.
      For some reason I have a feeling Mueller is stalling the investigation knowing perhaps of a smoking gun that just hasn’t come forward yet.

    • dosadoe

      Now please explain the Laws of Hammurabi at your leisure!

      • apzzyk

        I have read about them and the reasons that they are no longer in effect is that there was favoitism – the nobility was beyond the reach of the law, and eventually the people got rid of the nobility and their laws, just another step in the cycle that keeps repeating, and now I agree with the commentor who said that we have finally elected Joseph McCarthy president only with additional bad features, and for fear of being just labeled a Communist, there was only one member of the media who was willing to take him on along with other social problems. I am a 100% disabled vet and when I went for my annyal 15 min physical there was a much younger vet verballly attacking one of the staff because he could not get the care that he needed in time – I was only glad to get called and take my transportation provider to the other end of the clinic, because simiar things have resulted in casualties. the reason that I have a transportation provider is because 6 years ago I lost the sight in one eye because of treatment delay s – aka ‘saving the taxpayers money’ so I do not drive. No gunfire from the waiting room,but it was empty when I left – the employees got the other waiters out of the way. Now Trump is trying to play king and above the lawa, and playing McCarthy by going against the media. This am on NPR someone who had been counting said that Trump would do his 1,000 lie this next wee, so when is the 4,000 th coming – also next week?
        I have been investigated by the FBI since 1964 because of my opposition to the war in Nam – my duty as an ex Marine to get my bros and sisters out of harms way. Now this continues because I cannot find anything good to say about Trump and do say things that he does not want to hear.
        For the last 45 years the government has flagrantly been violating the Privacy Act (5 USC 552A) which forbids spying on US citizens who have just exercised their First Amendment rights – the civil penalty which will be paid by the government is only $500, so I am not doing it for the money. I have already used that much printer paper and ink.

  • dosadoe

    Yep! Next question.

  • Frank W Brown

    Only congress can prosecute the potus, it’s called impeachment! mueller can go pound sand with any subpoena he wants to DREAM UP!

  • WhiteFalcon

    From what I’ve read, Trump should just ignore Mueller’s subpoena since a sitting President can’t be charged with a crime except through the impeachment process which Mueller is not part of. This is what the Supreme Court said when Nixon was President and when Bill Clinton was President. Also, he has no evidence of wrong doing during the election involving collusion with the Russian Government to influence the election, which is what this special investigation witch hunt is all about. I personally think Mueller should be told to put his evidence on the table or shut up and quit.

  • Kara

    Our President needs to not answer to anything Mueller sends and just stay with the JOB the people voted him to do. Mueller is just the most crooked person I have ever seen. All the side issues are just of the DNC’s making and so far its got them nowhere. He will give back money since the Dems are so worried about there next time up the government according them will be broke. I know that GOD is in control and that is why the media and the Dem’s are having to work so hard to lie and threat. The day will come when they are at the end.