Will North Korea Talks Ever Happen?

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich warned media sources that even though the summit with North Korea leader Kim Jong Un is planned it still may not happen.

Gingrich stated, “ What you’re watching publicly is a dance. The dance is going to go on for a while. The meeting may occur. Frankly, it still may not occur. If the meeting does occur, they may get a breakthrough, or they may not get a breakthrough.”

“This guy and his family have run this dictatorship. It’s the worst police state in the world. They have a terrible system of locking up people. They have lowered the height of the average North Korean through malnutrition. And they have poured all of that money into nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles in a desperate effort to be important. Trump is asking him to give up something that he has spent his entire lifetime, and his father and grandfather‘s lifetimes, trying to acquire. And they’re not going to do it easily.”