Will Mueller Probe Finally Get Shut Down?

Rep. Mike Rogers (R-AL) is suggesting that the Department of Justice’s special counsel probe into the 2016 presidential election now be officially shut down due to the fact of lack of results.

Rogers also argued that the cost of the investigation is wasting taxpayer money.

Transcript as follows:

REGAN: So there you have it — the IG looking into whether or not bias played a role in the initiation of the Mueller probe. Do you think it did?

ROGERS: It was obvious it did. And we knew it before these texts came out. We can see it by the action the FBI has taken, they had a bias. Now that we got a text messages, and we know for a fact they were using their jobs, their positions in the FBI trying to try to keep President Trump from being elected, trying to initiate this probe — those are basises for being fired.

We shouldn’t be talking about any further discussion whether or not they should be fired. We definitely should shut down the probe, spent enormous amount of money over a year on to no avail. It’s time to stop it.

REGAN: So, you know, look, I think anybody who watches this is show knows that I pretty much agree with you on that. That I just don’t, we’ve been looking and looking and everything it seems leaks in Washington. The place leaks like a sieve. Yet we heard nothing at all compelling that would lead anyone to believe that somehow Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump were planning in some back room, you know, in Moscow somewhere to take the election from Hillary Clinton. But then again we don’t know everything yet. At what point does this get wrapped up so that the American people can find out some answers which I think are much-needed and deserved at this point?

ROGERS: Right. I have always believed if you were going to have a special counsel, they should be given a time certain and sum certain — a flat amount of money they cannot exceed to get their work done. Going more than a year with no indicia of any bad behavior by the Trump administration, in my view, is long enough. And these guys are going to keep cranking the clock and charging the government as long as we keep paying them. And it is also just a distraction. There is no need for us to have this to be going on. We have the president doing great things for the country — having big things to do, and he is having to listen to this noise on the side, which has no basis in fact.

REGAN: I don’t know how you do it, even his staff, right? That is such distraction to everything else you have got to get done to go about your daily day. Now you have meetings with lawyers, this, that, and the other. And it has got to be challenging. So I give them credit for doing as much thus far as they have.

Congressman, I have to point out, we had your competition on yesterday and, Mallory Hagen told us, well, she thought that she has a chance against you because you’re not responsive enough to your constituents. What do you say in response?

ROGERS: My guess is Nancy Pelosi told every Democrat candidate running against a Republican coming in the country to say just that because hey have nothing else to talk about. They have no agenda. That is what you expect. She is marching to Democrat orders.

REGAN: Well congressman, it is good to have you on here today. We’ll keep talking to you. Thanks so much.

ROGERS: Thank you. Enjoyed being with you.