Will Mueller Find Incriminating Proof On Trump?

Representative John Garamendi (D-CA) recently appeared on CNN where he told them, that even though there is a lack of evidence so far, “I think we’re going to find the proof” between Trump and the Russians having colluded, “and I think the man that’ll find proof is Mueller.”

Garamendi stated, “[W]e’re finding more and more information every day that the Trump campaign is being closer and closer identified in a collusion with the Russians to influence the outcome of the election. Now, the evidence isn’t exactly clear yet. But I must tell you, it is one thing after another, and it’s coming to the point where, yeah, there is collusion.”

“What is believable is that they were working with the Russians to somehow influence the outcome of the campaign. I think we’re going to find the proof of it, and I think the man that’ll find that proof is Mueller. And that’s why there’s so much talk about getting rid of him, somehow firing him, firing the people that could fire him so that new people would be put in that could fire him. This has got to be a major problem for America. We need to know what happens, so that we can write the legislation to make sure that it never happens again.”