When Will Kavanaugh Be Confirmed?

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) believes Trump’s Supreme Court pick Judge Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed by fall.

McConnell stated, “So I think the president has made a great appointment, a great nomination. We’ll work our way through the process. We believe it’s possible to handle this nomination fully by the fall. And I know Chairman Grassley believes — he’s already said in a statement today, he believes we can work our way through the process in the normal length of time that we did on Gorsuch and Kagan and others and have this nominee in place some time this fall.”

  • They better do it before November because Democrats will lose in all of their elections.. They are killing their Party any ways… More and More People are leaving the Blue Wave,,,

    • Dodie1990

      Hopefully but remember 50% pay no income tax they are mostly Democrat. most Blacks are, most Hispanics are, most young people are , any illegals that vote will be. An many women are Democrats because Republicans want to run their reproduction. Leaves us Republicans with seniors and whites and taxpayers. We are becoming the minority in our own country. We must stay together and vote this fall. The 2nd amendment depends on us.

      • shamu9

        A Tax Revolt would get D.C.’s attention!

  • Oscar Pearson

    Do it now. Why does this stuff take so long? In the private sector all of you would be fired.


    Our Great President Mr TRUMP is been attacked by All forces of evil in the camp of the demonRats . But We the Deplorables have the Big gun , “PRAYING” . I am asking to all of You to constantly talk to & pray to GOD the Father & Jesus the Son to protect & guide our President .
    Lets do it to MAGA , & vote TRUMP’s type of Republicans everywhere all the time except paul ryan & mitch mcconnell .
    mueller is not only corrupt , evil & traitor , he’s a thief , he’s after the money he’s cashing in & will streach it as long as he can .
    Mr Sessions why are You NOT doing your job & fire rosenstein & mueller & all the other creepy crooks .