What Muslim Soccer Fans Did During Moment of Silence for Paris Will Make You Sick

After the atrocities in Paris, liberals everywhere are coming out of the woodwork to say that the majority of muslims are peaceful, loving individuals – people who would never support the horrible acts committed by groups like ISIS. They claim it’s simply a big misunderstanding, and that terrorists from ISIS don’t even come close to representing the global muslim community.

Well, this video is going to make it a little harder to keep spouting off arguments like that.

During a soccer game between Greece and Turkey (whose population is over 99% muslim), a moment of silence was desecrated by booing, hissing, and finally a defiant chant of “Allah Akbar.”

Watch the video for yourself and see if these thousands of ordinary muslims sound peaceful and non-violent.

That’s some frightening footage to say the least. It’s hard to believe that anyone could see that and still feel comfortable with the idea of allowing hundreds of thousands of angry muslims like these waltz right into America. But we all know liberals can’t be persuaded by logic.

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