Senator Says Trump’s Actions Leading to Armageddon

Ken Starr, the same man who investigated Bill Clinton, was just interviewed on ABC’s “This Week,” where he discussed the report about Trump’s desire to fire special counsel Robert Mueller. Starr said it would not have been only an obstruction of justice, but rather, “Armageddon.”

Starr claims, “He can fire Jim Comey, or he can ask for Mueller to be fired for any reason. The president’s power is extremely broad. I have a different view of what would constitute obstruction of justice as long as he’s not engaged in discrimination or accepting bribes and the like. I have a very different perspective and a much more robust view of presidential power than many of the folks who have been speaking to this. But, that having been said, it would have been extremely unwise, and Senator Graham hit the nail on the head. It would have been Armageddon.”