What Hillary Said Made This MSNBC Panel DEMAND An Apology For Her ‘GUTTER POLITICS’

EVEN the liberals on the Morning Joe panel had to decry the words of Hillary Clinton that insulted a majority of Americans for a political view that she disagrees with.

Watch below:

While the lone moderate conservative Joe Scarborough led the pack, even lefty Mark Halperin from Bloomberg Politics said that it was offensive and Hillary should come out and apologize for insulting pro-life Americans.

Perhaps she doesn’t care that as many as 55% of Americans want abortions to be further restricted, but by insulting them in this way it’s clear that she is desperate to fire up her lukewarm extremist left base, who are currently shopping around for another, more radical candidate.

But I have a feeling that pro-life Americans won’t take this insult sitting down.

And by the way Рrather than apologize, she doubled down and compared Americans who want more deportations to NAZIS today. She sure is running a classy campaign.