BLM Supporter Sucker Punches Soldier, Fractures His Jaw

3An air force mechanic was having a regular night out when he was ambushed outside the Transit center in Charlotte, North Carolina; he was sucker-punched by a “Black Lives Matter” supporter.

According to Independent Journal Review, 23-year-old veteran, Matthew Whitehurst, accompanied by two friends, had just left after watching a pre-season football game at Bank of America Stadium, and was looking for something to eat, when he was suddenly punched in the face, as he turned around. This resulted in fracturing of his jaw. Whitehurst described that the assailant was “a black male with a red bandana and dreadlock”.

His father, Todd added,

“And there were probably 15 to 20 of them that looked alike.”

The Black Lives Matter activists were in the area to protest against the discharge of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Officer Randall Kerrick, who killed a black man, Jonathan Ferrell, in self-defense, in September 2013.

Apparently they thought it is fine to punch a random guy who happens to be a part of our armed forces. Whitehurst was scheduled to be deployed to Europe, which has now been put on hold due to his injuries. His father was understandably angry.

“A bunch of hoodlums that are throwing their lives away punched my son from behind who is serving his country and has his stuff together,” he said, speaking to the reporters.

He further added,

“I just drove my son home who has his jaw wired shut, and a mandible fracture in two with a plate and his jaw wired shut, and he threw up on the way home with his mouth shut,” describing the extent of his son’s injuries.

This incident is a shame; instead of being grateful to our forces for all the sacrifices they make for us, day in and day out, they are greeted with unprovoked assaults. Whitehurst will resume his duties, guarding the very same people who inflicted pain upon him. This demonstrates the kindness and selflessness of our veterans.

Cheers to them, but what do you think about these activists, or street thugs, if you may?