WATCH: This Man’s Proclamation at County Meeting for Proposed Mosque is Enraging Muslims and Liberals Everywhere

The Islamic invasion is going full speed ahead as leftists push the acceptance agenda even further after the Paris attacks. But one Virginia man stood up in the face of the pro-muslim movement when he made a spirited verbal protest during a local meeting proposing a new mosque in his town.

The general message being perpetuated by liberals and pro-muslim groups is that Islam is primarily a peaceful religion, despite the astonishing acts of violence we continue to see from muslims day after day.

This man emerged from the crowd to say what most Americans are already thinking: no muslim is exempt from espousing violent religious theology. All muslims sympathize, on some level, with the act of jihad. And no sane person would try to say they don’t.

Watch him stand up and attempt to spread the truth in this video:

Of course, this man’s comments were met with a rather mixed response. Some attendees clapped in support, while the rest of the room threw cutting glances and looks of strong disapproval. Obviously, what he had to say has muslims and liberals around the country furious.

What do you think? Was this man justified in his statements? Would you have done the same?

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