WATCH This Local Reporter Expose Something About DNC You Won’t Believe

This proves that the hypocrisy of Liberals knows no bounds. Early last month, Philadelphia news stations WCAU reporter, Lauren Mayk revealed that the Democrats planned to protect their July convention with ‘no-scale fencing’. He said at the time:

“We don’t know exactly where it will be yet, but I’m about 54, and it will definitely be taller than I am”

Democrats call conservatives racists and bigots for their desire to build a southern border wall, yet they see nothing wrong with themselves wanting to erect walls and fences outside their own evens, homes and venues.

The same level of hypocrisy can be seen in how Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton has selected to run her pre-selected campaign events, which require an ID to enter.

However, when it comes to requiring voter IDs at the polling booth that sounds racist to them? That’s wrong.
There is absolutely nothing racist about building fences or requiring IDs, but Democrats have chosen to claim otherwise – white they themselves want to do the same.

The American people possess an open vision that permits them to spot hypocrisy and that will surely play an important role in undermining Hillary Clinton’s campaign and ensuring that she never gets to sit in the White House.

Because the last person that American people want in the White House is yet another hypocrite. Please share this story on Facebook if you are against their hypocrisy. And let us know what you think about the fact exposed by a Philadelphia news reporter.