WATCH: THIS Falls From Hillary’s Pants as She Collapses

4Last week September 11th marked the fifteenth anniversary of the blackest day of the United States. And while for most Americans it was a day of remembrance, for Hillary Clinton, however, it was a day of utter mortification.
As everyone knows by now, the democrat presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton collapsed after being escorted out from the 9/11 memorial service held in New York City-and the entire incident was video-recorded.

It was initially called a medical episode, and was later described to be pneumonia which diagnosed two days prior to the incident. Her collapse was said to be brought on by dehydration and overheating.

The video below shows her leaning on the barrier pole waiting for her car to arrive, and then her knees buckling as she starts moving toward the car- and is then helped inside the car by her security.

It was bad enough as it is, seeming to confirm the rumors of Clinton’s deteriorating health. But then, the internet noticed another thing: Something fell out of Hillary’s pants as she collapsed.

According to  The Gateway Pundit, it seemed to be a piece of metal, which flung out of her right pant leg just as Hillary lost her balance. Watch for yourself.

What is going on here? It only seems to confuse the public even more. Hillary Clinton is actually sick, and it is not just a rumor anymore.

But what was that mystery object that fell out? Was it some sort of brace holding her up? Or some other medical device? Or was it a device put in place by the Secret Service? Or was it just a mundane routine object such as a nail cutter gone astray?

To make things even more suspicious, Hillary and her team refuses to acknowledge any serious health troubles, let alone explain what’s actually going on. She should know that if questions like these are not put to rest by herself and her team, people’s assumptions become the truth in their minds- and then there’s nothing left to change those perceptions.

Also, avoiding to answer these issues leaves no room for benefit of the doubt. These things confirm themselves if not handled.

Do you agree? Do you think Hillary is sick or if it was a passing episode? And what do you think the object was? Let us know in the comments section below.