WATCH Mark Levin EVISCERATE Jorge Ramos Over Trump Confrontation!

Conservative firebrand Mark Levin absolutely eviscerated Univision’s journalist Jorge Ramos over his tirade against Trump that lead to his ejection, and his later rant when he was let back in.

Watch the fireworks fly!!

Wow – there are few that can devastate someone rhetorically as incisively and intelligently as Mark Levin can, and he brought out all the stops in this interview.

What Jorge Ramos doesn’t understand is that he’s just helping Trump among those who are tired of being told that they can’t have a political opinion opposed to liberalism because it’s automatically “insensitive” or “racist.” And instead of trying to persuade Trump of his position, Ramos just started yelling and scolding him.

And we all know Trump doesn’t do well with yelling and scolding, at least, not when he’s at the receiving end anyway!