Watch Hilary Supporters Flounder After Accidentally Agreeing to Trump’s Tax Plan

Hilary supporters aren’t the brightest. That’s probably not a huge surprise. However, the latest insight into their incompetence even has liberals shaking their heads.

After Donald Trump released his tax plan, Jimmy Kimmel and his crew decided it would be funny to take the plan, read it to Hilary supporters, and gauge their reaction. What happened next surprised everybody. Watch the video below to see what we mean.

When asked what they’d say if they found out that every policy they responded to were actually Trump’s, the responses ranged from brazen to hilarious.

One interviewee said, “I’d say I feel stupid.”

Another surprisingly non-egotistical interviewee said, “I’d say he’s a pretty smart man.”

Whew, at least there’s a grain of sense sprinkled in that crowd of clueless voters after all.

What did you think they were going to say?

H/T The Blaze