Senator Accusing Trump Of Breaking The American Promise

Elizabeth Warren went on CNN and stated President Trump “broke America’s promise” to people who received benefits from the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

“What I was glad to see is that we are moving forward on getting a clean DREAM Act,” said Warren regarding Trump’s bipartisan immigration meeting.

He continued by saying, “These young DREAMers are in peril only because President Trump broke America’s promise. Years ago America promised that if these young people would come out of the shadows and they would be fully vetted, then they would have the opportunity to go to school here in America, they would have the opportunity to get jobs, to join the military, to become a full part of the American fabric.”

“Here they are, these young people who are part of America, and President Trump said a few months ago, nope, that’s it, we are going to toss them out of the country, and the only ones who can save them from this is Congress. So it’s now Congress’s job to step up. We want to see this happen. We want to see it happen now. The American people want to see it happen. These are young people who are at risk for being thrown out of the only home that most of them know. So I am glad to see this go forward. That’s what we need.”