Senator Accusing Trump Of Breaking The American Promise

Elizabeth Warren went on CNN and stated President Trump “broke America’s promise” to people who received benefits from the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

“What I was glad to see is that we are moving forward on getting a clean DREAM Act,” said Warren regarding Trump’s bipartisan immigration meeting.

He continued by saying, “These young DREAMers are in peril only because President Trump broke America’s promise. Years ago America promised that if these young people would come out of the shadows and they would be fully vetted, then they would have the opportunity to go to school here in America, they would have the opportunity to get jobs, to join the military, to become a full part of the American fabric.”

“Here they are, these young people who are part of America, and President Trump said a few months ago, nope, that’s it, we are going to toss them out of the country, and the only ones who can save them from this is Congress. So it’s now Congress’s job to step up. We want to see this happen. We want to see it happen now. The American people want to see it happen. These are young people who are at risk for being thrown out of the only home that most of them know. So I am glad to see this go forward. That’s what we need.”

  • Jerry Hughes

    The scum bags are criminal aliens lock them up then deprt them Lock up peopel like this writer for aiding and abetting

  • Rick

    No he didn’t break any promises Obama issued a executive order stopping deportations for the so called dreamers and even he admitted it was an illegal order. So we are just back to where we were when Obama issued his order

  • CSMagb .

    Elizabeth Warren should vacate her position and find something to do that she’s good at… She’d be great at cracking mirrors…

    • rivahmitch

      She’d also be useful as a target.

    • A. Jay

      Lookin at her face would cure constipation!

  • alpambuena

    what in the hell is a dreamer???? all these daca people are in their mid 20’s to 40’s……and a large portion of them are on some type of welfare and government subsistence… lets escort them down to the border….give each of them a few hundred bucks and let them apply for legal status the right and legal way…..and maybe give each one a Kevlar vest since mexico is so dangerous now…

    • gvette

      LOL…The DemonRAT voting base!

    • rivahmitch

      It’s a new Democommie word that means “FOREIGN INVADER”.

    • A. Jay

      And a teddy bear along with coloring book and crayons in case they cant cope!!

    • Terry Butts

      The entire purpose of DACA was to delay deportation for a set period of time to give them time to go through the legal process to become a citizen or for congress to CONSTITUTIONALLY pass something to deal with the issue.

      The EXPIRATION date is now past and they blame Trump for its end as if he personally wrote the expiration date into daca.

      He simply refused to extend DACA because Congress had plenty of time to act on the issue while it was active and those who’s deportation was deferred had plenty of time to go through the legal process to try and become a US citizen.

      Instead of doing either of these congress and those affected by daca expected it to become another TEMPORARY fix that was PERMANENTLY applied like certain taxes, tolls and temporary dictates that were supposed to expire but keep getting EXTENDED because the government does not want to give the power from the dictate or income the TEMPORARY tax or toll gave them.

  • parthenon1

    Warrens state must be full of idiots and nut cases to have elected such wierdo to represent them !

  • ROB

    How many “clean” bills did the progressive liberals ever pass when they were in power?

    • Tar Heel58

      All they were concerned about was the sales of Nuclear materials for 145 million dollars.Plus all the other STUFF pay for play, extortion Obama just kicked the screen door open and let em go.

  • ROB

    When obammer got elected he had a fool proof majority. If it was so important, why didn’t they (the progressive, liberal, socialist, blood sucking democrats) pass it then?

  • 7littleangels

    Elizabeth Warren is an idiot! Why anyone think her opinion is worth anything is as moronic as she is!

  • therigel

    Donald Trump promised them nothing. Barack Obama broke the law when he created the situation they are in. Instead of dreamers, they should be called “nightmares”, as in a nightmare for the American taxpayer.If Elizabeth Warren wants them, let her state pony up what they will cost and keep them in her state.

  • gideonrockwell

    The Dems are all about benefits. Since the day that LBJ got all of his minions together and told them that if they gave the African-Americans free stuff like welfare, food stamps and medical care, the Dems would own them in a generation or two. That day the Dems shifted from the working man’s party to the party of professional victims, social leeches, and criminals. That is why they want DACA and amnesty to build their voter base even more. They want to bring the worst elements of the world here and steal more of the living wages that we who have worked all our lives to earn to build something for our families. Time to end immigration for a while and sweep our house clean of the undesirables.

  • Greg Zonker

    Warren is the complete IDIOT. They need to get her our of congress. I say NO to DACA, Yes to wall—Possibly yes to DACA if YES to wall but if not a FULLY funded wall–then no way to Dreamers–kick them all out and let the come in legally.

  • AZtejas

    “We the people” did not create DACA. DACA is an illegal act by a former President, who chose to use his pen to make laws instead of working through the People’s house.
    So Pocahontas can pound sand and go back to MA. I would love to see a National referendum on DACA and see what “we the people” really think. I for one would like to see all of them return to their country of birth and go through a modified process to return to this country. No amnesty and no free ride.

    • Greg Zonker

      100% totally agree

  • Bishop351

    I believe it was an illegal agreement by Obama as referenced below. Leave it to that self-righteous moron Warren to get it wrong as usual.

  • Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve

    gOD HELP US if this dimwit leftwinger ever gets to be president

  • gvette

    After reading the comments, It’s clear to see, Elizabeth Pockafuckus Warren is an idiot!!!

  • Paul

    Which is worse. A broken promise made by Oblahblah or a promise by Oblahblah which was unconstitutional and cannot legally be honored.
    Let me refresh!
    “If you like your you can keep your” “Premiums will go down by half” The American government lied to us natives and should be sued.

    DACA was ruled and is still unconstitutional.

  • Eugene Crocker

    Elizabeth Warren, the white woman claiming American Indian heritage, when she didn’t have any. I’m suppose to believe her now, when she has been proved to be a liar. It is crazy what the liberals will say and do, they are so corrupted. She certainly is a dreamer alright, she dreams she is an American Indian. I wouldn’t believe her on her best day. She is pretty ugly though, I wonder if she has cracked any mirrors.

    • rivahmitch

      You mean Fauxahontass?

    • jayme

      No one has disproved her heritage. The hell with you imbeciles.

  • frankstclair

    The “Dream Act” is an illegal executive order issued by Obama after Congress refused to pass it. Rescinding DACA just allows actual LAW to be implemented. And Warren is a lying fake.

    • Terry Butts

      Actually Trump did not have to rescind DACA it had an expiration date built in as it was supposed to be a TEMPORARY fix while congress addressed the issue.

      The reason they are throwing a fit is he told congress they had years to address the issue legally then he allowed it to expire instead of extending it like they wanted.

      Instead of addressing the issue by legal means in congress those involved wanted another TEMPORARY fix to be made permanent by having continuous indefinite extensions on its expiration date. Like so many other TEMPORARY government programs that keep getting extended instead of being addressed by congress or allowed to expire as intended.

    • jayme

      Then why is Obama’s temporary conditional work permits, more illegal than Reagan and GHW Bush’s unconditional amnesty for many millions of undocumented aliens not illegal??

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    Obama is the one who wrote this illegal executive order and HE promised them “temporary”
    amnesty. Candidate Trump said NO to amnesty. Obama made all these executive orders
    and now President Trump is left to clean up his messes. Warren calls it “America’s promise”
    but that’s a lie. It was a false promise from Obama that he knew he couldn’t deliver, so he
    kicked the can down the road for Trump. There is NO end to the treachery of Obama.
    A lot of the American people do NOT want this. It is NOT the fault of the American people
    that this is the only home they have ever known. It is their criminal parents’ fault for leaving
    them on our doorstep. America is not the baby-sitter of the world. A lot of times laws
    expire or programs end. This is illegal and should never have been a program. After
    years of being in this country, why did they not apply for citizenship? Sorry, it’s time to go.

    • jayme

      “Illegal”???? Reagan used executive orders without consent of congress to grant unconditional amnesty to millions of undocumented hispanics, GHWBush did the same. Obama did not grant unconditional amnesty, he only granted conditional temporary work permits. The parents only wanted to provide a better life for their family. People like you, who use innocent children to bludgeon their parents with, are despicable and disgusting. You are beyond sickening.

  • Samuel Stephens

    Whose butt is Senator Elizabeth Warren trying to blow smoke up, breaking promises. Pocahontus speak with forked tongue all the time. If Warrens lips are moving she is lying just like a Muslim. Kick DACA’s back to Mexico and South America, NOW.

  • disqus_rEWjgfyzIp

    The DACA kids turned out to be mostly MS13 members as well as over the 18 age just so the democraps could get more voters. Just need to deport them all back to their 3rd world countries as well as some of the democraps that wanted them here



  • Alan

    They can go home and dream all they want !

  • mlmaston

    What a crock of Bull.

  • William Kern

    If they want to become LEGAL Citizens let them apply for Citizenship and go through the process it takes to become a citizen. No total amnesty just because they were brought here as a child. As for the Damn-o-crats it’s time the Republican Majority made them suck up, they through themselves around like they are the Majority and it’s time for the Republican Majority to grow some balls and stand firm on 1) building the wall and 2) enforcing the immigration laws as they are until the Damn-o-crats are willing to work together for new immigration laws.

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    the proverbial “WHO WE ARE”.

    LAW ABIDING, God Loving, Community and FAMILY oriented, Patriotic People that LOVE OUR COUNTRY!
    WE, THE PEOPLE Raisde our children and do not send them across another nations borders to LIVE OFF THE HARD WORK OF OTHERS!

    Who we ARE NOT is useless, law-breaking criminals that demand everything be given to us whether earned or not.
    WE DO NOT DEMAND societal status because we broke the laws of the NATION.


    And every time I hear a useless piece of crap politician telling me that is what we are, I get an urge to pick a few politicians off the streets and practice waterboarding


    And I do wish somebody starts to challenge their damned made up poll numbers!

  • voncile fullwood

    I’m a dreamer and my dream and hope is for America to be what it use to be not some outside dreamer..I’ve paid enough money into their dreams while the American’s dreams are shattered all to h….this is our country and we given everything unto the dreamers while we Americans do without,they burn our flag saying this is not my country then what are they doing over here in the first place?our people don’t get freebies everything we get we had to pay for so why would they not want to be a dreamer and I dream oneday a big handful of money to buy some of the things I want not giving it all out to you dreamers.If Congress is so dead set on DACA then I suggest that Congress pay for it out of their own pockets if they want them to have it so bad

  • shamu9

    Lizzie Warren, Lie a-Watha needs to eat Sheite and Croak!

  • Terry Butts

    ““These young DREAMers are in peril only because President Trump broke
    America’s promise. Years ago America promised that if these young people
    would come out of the shadows and they would be fully vetted, then they
    would have the opportunity to go to school here in America, they would
    have the opportunity to get jobs, to join the military, to become a full
    part of the American fabric.””

    So basically because he allowed the BUILT IN EXPIRATION DATE to pass without renewing an unconstitutional bypassing of immigration laws that was intended from the start to be a TEMPORARY fix to give congress time to act they falsely accuse Trump of breaking a promise AMERICA NEVER MADE over congress FAILING TO ACT in the time they were given by a previous administrations promise not a promise the American people made.

  • Maggietish

    Warren is actually accusing President Trump of breaking America’s promise, seriously? The fact that that promise is detrimental to the American people and the United States obviously doesn’t bother or mean anything to Warren at all. Since Warren is so concerned about breaking promises she needs to take accountability for how she, and the other liberal/progressive socialistic/communistic Democrats have blantantly broken they’re oath of office to uphold the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America. They were elected to serve and they have long forgotten that. They were elected to keep this country and the American people safe but choose to ignore that. What they’ve done is put the American people and the United States in jeopardy since they’ve been in office especially people like Warren whose entire doctrine is to turn America into a socialistic country. Warren and the other corrupt treasonous Democrats have betrayed the United States and the American people for way too long and the American people have had more than enough. For breaking their oath of office they need to be kicked out of office immediately. Term limits are an absolute must. Every time that Warren and the Democrats get pushed into a corner or just simply disagree they go into attack mode against the American people, particularly white Americans, by calling them racist. Race baiting is the Democrats primary tool. Since the Democrats are so anti-white the reality is that no one who is white should vote for any Democrat ever. They think they can continue to abuse white Americans by calling them every despicable name but that time is over. The Democrats are paid by taxpayer’s money and they enjoy lavish salaries and exorbitant expense accounts all paid for by the American taxpayers a large majority of which are white. Wake up America we have to take back our country from people like Warren and the rest of the anti-American treasonous Democrats and we need to do it now.

  • teachersaide

    Dear Elizabeth, When Obama did his DACA “thingy” he admitted it was ILLEGAL!!!! Trump told the Congress to Do Their Jobs, and make DACA “real”! Don’t like it? TS. Take it up with the Constitution and Former President Obama. P.S. It’s NOT the fault of the USA that these “kids” are here ILLEGALLY! It’s NOT MY responsibility, nor the responsibility of this country, to make “Right”, what their PARENTS/FAMILIES did Wrong! Grow UP. It’s the real world. “Sincerely”, a SICK of the Double standards TAX PAYER who Helped SUPPORT illegal aliens & their children for over 40 YEARS!

    • Ron Gonshorowski

      The problem I see is that the Liberals are confusing DACA with amnesty and they are two different things.
      I don’t want amnesty at all.

  • yankee clipper

    There she goes again! Ditsy Pocahontas Warren, still can’t keep her big trap shut.

  • Ovomit1

    …these poor little DACA babies- are 40 years old -drag these demorat leeches to the border and give them 60 seconds to out run a hollowpoint

  • old_salty_dawg99

    First off Warren is an IDIOT and a LIAR. DACA was not made by America it was a LIE made by a TRAITOR. That Clown Obozo creates DACA illegally and Unconstitutionally. Fools like her are why he is walking free instead of in a Gitmo cell Awaiting a firing squad or a noose.