Wannabe Gangster Issues Trump Death Threat – But His Own Stupidity Brought Swift Justice

Trump is making a few enemies on his path to the White House, but one of them is making news now for death threats broadcast on social media.

The Louisiana man who issued the threats took to Facebook and made several videos in which he flashed firearms and said he wanted to “go to war with Donald Trump.” But when officers took a closer look at the guns he was holding, they immediately knew who he was.

It turns out the guns were stolen. On top of that, the man was in possession of drugs when he ran a stop sign.

All these things together made it easy for police to throw him behind bars faster than he could say idiotic assassin.

Ultimately, it was the man’s own unbearable stupidity that got him busted.

Mark Dice weighs in on the story in the video below:

We’d say this guy was a vigilante, but that implies that he had a cause and half a brain to go with it. Unfortunately, neither of those things are true.

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