WalMart’s Astonishing Muslim Concession – Drastic Changes in Children’s Section

The Muslim overtaking in America is moving forward steadily, as is evidenced by an unbelievable gesture by WalMart in response to a complaint about its Halloween costumes. Evidently there were a couple costumes that the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee found to be offensive, and now WalMart is bowing to the organization and pulling costumes from the shelves as fast as possible.

This proves that Americans are at the mercy of whatever Muslims find offensive. In the name of political correctness, there’s no telling what Muslims can do to this country.

The Conservative Tribune explains the story further:

This week, retail conglomerate Walmart pulled two Halloween costumes from its shelves this because they offended Muslims.

One costume was an outfit that depicted an Israeli Defense Forces soldier, while the other was the nose of a fictional Arab by the name of Sheik Fagin.

“Selling merchandise which mocks Arabs, or any other race or ethnicity, must not be tolerated,” Samer Khalaf, president of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, said in a statement cited by Fox News.

“These images do nothing but perpetuate racist tropes that have long been used to demonize, otherize and alienate Arab communities throughout history.”

The last I checked, many, many Halloween costumes mock other people in some way, shape or form. But I guess that, apparently, Muslims deserve special treatment — or at least Walmart thinks they do.

As for the soldier costume? Khalef falsely complained that, “Israeli forces are responsible for the continued death and occupation of the Palestinian people.”

According to the Washington Free Beacon, the Israel Project non-profit fired back against this politically correct garbage by launching a social media campaign against Walmart.

“Israeli soldiers are heroes,” the Israel Project wrote on its Facebook page. “They fight every day to protect innocents from terror. But Walmart removed an Israeli army costume from their website. Why? They surrendered to a vicious hate campaign — a campaign to demonize Israel. If you support Israel, you must take action now.”

The non-profit also launched a petition, which can be viewed and signed here, that had already amassed over 8,500 signatures by Thursday afternoon.

“Tell Walmart: Stand up against anti-Israel hate,” the petition read.

The group’s managing director, Omri Ceren, added that Walmart allegedly continues to sell pro-Muslim Halloween costumes and items but is choosing to “deny Americans the ability to side with Israel.”

“It’s disgraceful,” he concluded.

There’s clearly no limit to this madness. Some may try to defend Muslims who wish to control America or claim that concessions such as these are small and harmless, but it’s important not to be fooled by the potential consequences at stake here.

What do you think? Is it fair for Muslims to dictate what’s sold on American shelves? Do you think those costumes were really offensive, or were these people just looking for something to be offended by?

Give us your thoughts in the comments.