VIDEO: Transgender Bathroom Parody Is Driving Liberals Up the Wall!!

The issue of transgender individuals using bathrooms is cut and dry. If, from a biological standpoint, they’re men, then they should use the men’s room, and vice versa for women.

That would be too easy for liberals though. And plus, if they took the basic biological approach, they wouldn’t have anything to whine and complain about. So instead, they’re crusading across the country in an attempt to allow anybody of any gender – who for some depends on the day – to stroll right into a a public bathroom of their choosing, whether it matches the parts they were born with or not.

Obviously, this raises some concern among people with small children who make trips into public restrooms unattended. You can’t blame them for feeling uncomfortable to send their children into a restroom where any number of sexually confused adults of the opposite sex may be lurking.

It’s a serious issue, to say the least. But one conservative comedian put a humorous spin on it by making a parody video which breaks down the absurdities of the liberal bathroom agenda one-by-one.

Check it out below.

As you probably already realize, liberals are all up in arms over the video, saying it’s insensitive and discriminatory. Who knew that common sense would one day be hated so much?

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