U.S. Govt to Kill this Retirement Benefit?

Always hunting for more money, Congress may soon ransack 401(k) benefits. Here’s what they’ve been scheming, and what it means for your retirement…

Peter Reagan, August 29, 2017

Over half of Americans have a retirement plan through their employer, such as a 401(k). The incentive to use these plans has always been the annual tax deduction on your deposits.

At least, that’s the incentive based on the current tax law.

But now, in the name of funding more earmarks and more pork barrel legislation, Congress may slash those tax breaks. You’d get no more tax deduction on contributions; instead, the tax benefit would come years later, when you withdraw for retirement.

Welcome to the NEW TAX on Your Savings

Essentially, the loss of this tax benefit would be a new tax on saving, making it less advantageous for Americans to save for retirement.

Congress first got this “hairbrained idea” in 2014 when calculations revealed that if they axed the tax break on 401(k) contributions, the government could generate up to $144 billion in new revenue over 10 years.

But while Washington would rake in even more money, the loser would be the American worker and the hope for a secure retirement. Saving for retirement in a 401(k) would be significantly less attractive.

However, there IS hope, and a way that you could circumvent this latest money grab from Congress.

How to Protect Your 401(k) from Congress’ Reach

On the chance Congress ransacks the 401(k), Americans must be ready to protect their hard-earned nest egg.

That’s why thousands of Americans have been converting their 401(k) into physical gold – an asset that Washington can’t easily manipulate.

And one of the best ways to make this move is with a “Self Directed” Gold IRA.

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  • Mercedes Waggoner

    What next?
    Keep this up and we won’t need Obama to return and complete his fundamental

    These guys are clueless when it comes to painting themselves out of a corner. Getting more like the Libs every day; … anti-old fahrts folks. This way more of us fossils can be on food stamps and welfare. Progressives think we already are on the latter and they could save more if TrumpCare more explicitly defines death panels than ObamaCare.

    Next steps … eliminate SS payments to us entirely. Then employee and employer SS contributions can continue as a boundless, un-invested general, aka, slush fund. Otherwise, just tax our SS payments at full value to eliminate a few more tax code paragraphs; then, using today’s 39% corporate rate because until the Fed pays us more than we and employer companies have invested.

    Can’t believe they didn’t raise the retirement age to 90. This way we won’t need future income
    SS loses and congress prior presidents misappropriates by continuing to butcher millions of innocents. How about no dependent deductions? The minority party thinks fewer kids can cut this through more abortion or birth control. The convenient side effect of the latter solution is the need for more people from elsewhere to feed the capitalist growth beast of more demand for more supply.

    Either way, try no more after tax deductions from 401K and pensions; why not tax them separately
    at today’s 39% corporate rate. Further destroy the housing industry by no property tax and interest deductions. Build more schools with 10 to one class sizes so more Soros teachers are hired for kids coming from parochial schools that will close if charity donations are not deductible.
    That extends into outreach programs too.

    Forgive my sarcasm for now; and turn most of the info around for where I stand.

    PS. My husband helped me with the nastier parts.