Two Masked Thieves Attack Delivery Driver – But He Was Carrying More Than Pizza


On June 24, a Hollywood, Florida delivery driver found himself in a situation not uncommon for drivers that accept tips: two thieves approached him and demanded he hand over his cash.

Thankfully, the driver wasn’t in compliance of Domino’s company-wide policy that prohibits drivers from being armed for self-defense.

He opened fire with a pistol, releasing six shots that killed one assailant and caused the other to flee.

NBC Miami reports:

According to police, the delivery worker, identified as Slayde Henry, was returning from a few deliveries when two suspects approached him and attempted to rob him.

Henry was armed, and pulled out a gun and shot at the suspects. One was killed, while the other got away and remains on the loose.

Police have identified the suspect who died as Aldaberto Hernandez. The second robber who took off on foot has not been identified.

A Domino’s spokesman said the company is fully cooperating with authorities but can’t comment because there is an active police investigation.

Had he been unarmed, he may have ended up like the several other Domino’s drivers that have been assaulted and even killed over the past few years. What do you think of this preposterous policy? Should Domino’s be allowed to keep its employees defenseless and vulnerable? Tell us in the comments.