Trump Walks In a Room Full of Arrogant Senators, Comes Out Triumphant

23231312_lThe presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was at Capitol Hill to meet with GOP lawmakers in a bid to strengthen support for his campaign and party unity. However, many senators did not see eye to eye with him and some words were exchanged during the tense closed-door meeting according to The Washington Post.

One of these senators was Jeff Flake of Arizona. He had been quite critical of Trump’s racist stance against illegal immigration which Trump noted. While talking to him, Senator Flake referred to Trump’s remarks early in the campaign season about Sen. John McCain:

“Yes, I am the other senator from Arizona – the one who did not get captured – and I want to talk to you about statements like that.”

He also reportedly had words for Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk, who withdrew his support of Trump following his supposedly racist comments about the judge overseeing the Trump University lawsuit. Trump had predicted that he would win the state without the senator’s support. Kirk later told the Associated Press:

“We haven’t seen a personality like his too much in the midwest. Eastern, privileged, wealthy bully. Our bullies are made of better stuff in Illinois.”

Trump also spoke to Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse, one of the remnants of #NeverTrump movement. Sasse later confirmed that despite the meeting between the two, his opinion did not change:

“This election remains a dumpster fire.”

Campaign chair, Paul Manafort on the other hand gave a positive statement to The Post and said that the statements being circled by the media were not accurate:

“Today’s meeting was positive and productive. The Members were in total agreement with Mr. Trump of the need to unite the party and work together to in the presidency and keep a Republican Congress.”

Apart from some, Trump has made gains in rallying and uniting the GOP around his candidacy. Hopefully the leftovers will realize that between the two, Trump is a better option. What do you think?