Trump Supporters Targeted in This State…

With political tensions remaining high and a new tragedy occurring nearly every month, President Donald Trump has repeatedly called on the American people to come together in unity and prayer, and expressed his faith that our nation can once again heal our divisions and become whole.

Yet, there are those on the left who appear to want no part of the peaceful unity that Trump and his supporters have sought. They have made their presence known, whether through snarky, hateful remarks on social media or by way of violent physical assaults committed by the likes of groups like antifa.

A shocking report detailing the concerning and potentially violent measures the anti-Trump crowd is pursuing against Trump supporters recently emerged via Campus Reform. The group alerted everyone to the fact that the antifa chapter at the University of California-Berkeley has been stalking, targeting and not-so-subtly threatening the Berkeley College Republicans group.

The report noted that the Berkeley Antifa Twitter account recently posted the following: “BCR meeting right now inside Eureka at 2068 Center St after drinking with Kyle Chapman and Joey Gibson at Fashy’s, I mean, Pappy’s,” followed by another tweet naming names of the BCR members in attendance at the dinner.

Some of our readers may know Kyle Chapman as “Based Stickman,” who rose to fame among the alt-right for donning a helmet, makeshift shield and stick to battle with antifa thugs, as well as Joey Gibson, founder of a peaceful pro-Trump, pro-free speech group known as Patriot Prayer, according to The Daily Caller.

“Conservatives in Berkeley are routinely targeted, harassed, and stalked,” Naweed Tahmas, vice president of the BCR and one of those named in the tweet, told Campus Reform. “Knowing that they have sympathizers within both the city administration and university administration, leftist groups will continue to target conservatives as they know there are no consequences to their actions.”

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  • Alfred Palumbo

    Adolf Hitler and his white supremacist followers

    • mac12sam12

      You should be glad we have Trump and it wasn’t the white supremacists that got Trump elected, it was the middle class that took a beating under commie Hussein O. Hillarie want to bring 650,000 refugees just to begin with ands they would go immediately to the welfare roles. Because of the refugees, there’s been thousands of deaths and terrorist attacks and we don’t want that crap here.

      Race obsessed people like you call other people racist because you think it gives you the moral high ground, but let me tell you something, Alpie, it doesn’t.

      • SD of AZ

        Well said but to an idiot libturd!

        • John Meadows

          Sorry ass state its suppose
          to fall into the pacific ocean😬

      • Alfred Palumbo

        Ok hitler so lets reverse hand outs and take from the poor and middle class and give it to the rich. Aka trump tax cuts I expected the responses i got after all this is a repugnant republican discusion site that is full of THE ORANGE HAIRED BUFFOON SOPPORTERS.

        • mac12sam12

          Hitler? It’s the democrats that hate the Jews, Unibrow. The top 1% pay 39% of all taxes, the top 10% pay 76% and the top 25% pay 90% of all taxes. Don’t they deserve a bigger return, Unibrow?

          I bet you’re an Hussein O fan. Forbes magazine called him an economic wrecking ball. Record low GDPs, lowest home ownership since the 60s. Record poverty and a record number of people on food stamps, as well as a record low workforce.

          Trump’s America will be different. Suck on this, Unibrow.

          • Alfred Palumbo

            Yes it will we will have Putin for vice president

          • mac12sam12

            Russia fought the Nazis during WW2. The old hag didn’t lose the election because of the Russians, she lost it because everyone knows she’s corrupt and owned by the Wall Street banks.

          • Alfred Palumbo

            She only lost because of the electoral college you buffoon. She won the popular vote.
            So let me spell it out for you if there was no electoral college the ORANGE HAIRED BUFFOON would not be president she would although I did not vote for her. BUFFOONS

          • mac12sam12

            Let me break it down for you, Jethro:

            Counties won:
            Trump -2626

            States won:

            Electoral votes:

            If Kellyanne Conway planned to campaign in CA and NY, Trump would have won the popular vote because of the populations of LA and NYC. Votes by county means the whole country gets represented and not just LA and NYC.

            Not to worry!! President Trump will be gone by 2024 when President Pence takes office.

            The democrat party is disappearing and since Hussein O took office, thousands of decorates have lost their seats and the democrats have only 18 governors. BTW, good riddance!! #MAGA

          • Daniel from TN

            Actually, we don’t know who won the popular vote. Many illegals were registered to vote in 2016. California alone registered 3 million illegals, and later actually BRAGGED about doing so. The margin of victory for Hillary in California was less than two million. The margin of victory in a few other states that admitted to registering illegals was only several thousand votes. Who knows how the popular vote would have gone if the illegals had not voted.
            SIDE NOTE
            Election fraud occurred twice when illegals were allowed to vote. It happened the second time when the illegals actually voted. It happened the first time when election officials allowed them to register. Both the illegals AND the election officials should be prosecuted.

      • Alfred Palumbo

        Hey BOZOI’m not racist I have black freinds spanish dominican freinds who I call equal . It was the KU KLUX CLAN CELEBRATING THE ORANGE HAIRED BUFFOON ELECTION NOT ME

    • George Reed

      Do you know the name Brown came from Germany fits right in with old moonbeam Brown in Calif.

    • Chuck

      Alfred, you are the poster child for the most ignorant stratum of the sheeple. You are too lazy and irresponsible to do your homework and find out what is actually going on, so you parrot the mainstream media and watch late night talk shows that elevate your bad attitude and ignorance and compliment yourself for being a member of a very large herd of sheep.

      • Alfred Palumbo

        Hey BOZO l work everyday and take no handouts so lazy your wrong and my view doesnt come from what party I’m with they come from what I see I vote who I think Will do the job it wont be trump and none of them have done the job he is just another bozo claiming he is going to fix America not going to happen everything he wants to do benifits the rich the only thing that is going to fix the countryi is when jesus comes

        • Chuck

          BOZO, I’m NOT talking about being physically lazy. I’m talking about being intellectually lazy and so far you qualify. So keep on engaging the mainstream media and God help you and the rest of us too.

  • Bezerkly has been a communist hell hole for 50 years. Anti constitution freaks are everywhere but stupid Bezerkly seems to attract the worst of the worst in high numbers. Conservatives should choose another place to go, maybe the whole mess would implode by eating itself.

  • SD of AZ

    Ca is the la la land of hollyweed. There are a few close seconds but anything GOP, conservative in this fruitcake state is bound to generate a libturd hateful response. The state is going so far left it may need a complete breakdown from federal funds to bring em back to reality. Right now they demand sanctuary state wide. Let em fund it all on their own. The ungrateful illegals gave Pelosi a sample recently of how grateful they will be when the free stuff stops. And I prefer not one dime of federal funds be given to that state as they unlawfully pursue their stupid agendas.

  • Terry Butts

    “A shocking report detailing the concerning and potentially violent
    measures the anti-Trump crowd is pursuing against Trump supporters
    recently emerged via Campus Reform. The group alerted everyone to the
    fact that the antifa chapter at the University of California-Berkeley
    has been stalking, targeting and not-so-subtly threatening the Berkeley
    College Republicans group.”

    Why is this campus allowing a CONFESSED terrorist organization to remain on campus to carry out this stalking, threatening, and most likely attacking of people.

    Antifa CONFESSED to being a terrorist group when they stated they were going to use the same VIOLENT METHODS FASCISTS LIKE HITLERS SUPPORTERS IN THE 1930s did to FORCE POLITICAL CHANGE.

    Fitting the very definition of terrorist.

    “terrorist – a radical who employs terror as a political weapon; usually organizes with other terrorists in small cells”

    • Chuck

      That’s because Antifa IS FASCIST. Most, if not all, of them cannot define fascism. They are NOT anti-fascist. They are anti-life. They are totalitarianists whose ideology(?) can ONLY survive through brute force, since they offer NOTHING of a workable approach to governing. To label them terrorists is an undeserved compliment for they represent nothing and advocate only oppression They are criminals and thugs who deserve NOTHING of the rights granted to free men and women.

  • Ursus_Indomitus

    I’m not a republican anymore, but leftists must STILL HANG.

    • voncile fullwood

      after Obama who would want to be a Democrat anymore? I changed mine but did not vote fpr Obama either time Voted Republican this time never would I voted for crooked Hillary ..has enough of her when Bill was president and couldn’t for a devil advocate name Obama

    • Twisted Psyche

      Even though the Republicans no longer support my views, I am still registered as a Republican. Politically, I am Libertarian with many Conservative constraints.By definition, I am Conservative in relation to Our Constitution AND Our Bill of Rights, and Libertarian on the issues concerning basic Human Rights.

  • rivahmitch

    Shoot them. It’s going to happen sooner or later anyway.

  • Joseph Prycodzien

    This does not say anything good about antifa but, then, what can one expect from the likes of this ??
    Causes me to wonder ‘why do parents pay good money to send their kids (??) to a so-called institution of higher learning ?!?’ These liberal professors and teachers have created more unnecessary problems and grief to the minds of uninformed individuals who are searching for guidance and loyalty but have their brains infused with nothing but disrespect; violence; etc.
    This has/is caused the most non-productive groups to jump on the bandwagon of working against the U.S.A. in any possible way. There is a sickness permeating this country that needs to be cleaned out with the rest of the swampers.
    Will the time ever come when the POTUS will not be treated so badly by so-called United States citizens who are so borderline corrupt/brainwashed that they cannont think/behave rationally ??

  • Bruce

    I can’t believe Janet Reno isn’t doing something about curbing the terrorist group Antifa! She use to be pro American? Now she can’t even control Berkeley or refuses to, like most of the Dem. leaders that wont even work for the people their suppose to represent! They waste all there time and money trying to block anything POTUS is promoting, even if it would be the best thing for the country. Get rid of these people that don’t do the job expected of them. And get rid of this Communist agenda! Or I’ll have to start treating them as commies!

    • Chuck

      My only disagreement with you concerns Janet Reno. Where have you been? She was AG under William Jefferson Clinton and passed away in November of 2016.

  • Paul

    If Berkley cannot control the hate speech then they do not receive any federal funds.

    • AlMart

      Paul don’t use their asinine lingo. “Hate Speech” means nothing. It’s meant to be nebulous to facilitate attacks on anyone they want to attack. Personally I hate hate. On the other hand violence is easily defined. Call it what it is, violence.

  • rivahmitch

    The hope was that Trump might be able to restore and save the republic, avoiding the need for bloodshed. It’s now becoming evident that this hope may have been in vain. Semper Fi!!

    • Larry Huff

      You will lose.

  • William Gordon

    Tell Obama to go back to the place of his birth and that is Africa–and leave this country before he is put on a boat going there

  • John Perkins

    Where does their money come from?? Put a stop to it. That’s gotta hurt.

  • Daniel Spickard

    Everyone needs to boycott the whole state of California! This state protects everyone but Conservative Americans! It’s about time we show these morons if you want to mess with the rest of the United States, then you are on your own! We need to pressure congress to hold any and all grants and other funds until such time as they fall in line with the rest of the country! Maybe after they get so distressed because lack of money to pay the very people they are suppose to protect, the people will grow a brain and fight back against the idiot liberals, or maybe god will finish what he has already started! Those fires that are burning out of control in California were started by mother nature to push everyone into a small area so he can unleash the worst natural disaster to hit the west coast in over a hundred years, a magnitude 10 or better earth quake! It’s going to be another Sodom and Gahmora event! After all California is the most corrupt, and sodomy state or area on earth! Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it! May we all Bless God!

  • Phil Esposito

    It’s time to label them a terrorist group and arrest them.