Trump Makes Move Against Obama-era Climate Change Group

For the past few months, President Donald Trump has systematically gone after various parts of former President Barack Obama’s legacy — fulfilling multiple campaign promises that Trump made in 2016.

Most recently, the Trump administration decided to officially “disband the federal advisory committee on climate change,” The Washington Post reported.

The charter for the group expired on Sunday, and on Friday the administration announced that it would not be renewing the panel — which is sure to leave climate change-obsessed liberals in tears.

The panel included academics, local officials, and business leaders. To most Americans, this was a panel that few knew even existed — that’s how much of an impact it had on everyone’s lives.

The Hill noted that the main purpose of the panel was to release a report that simplified the findings of the “National Climate Assessment” so that those inside and outside government could understand them.

So, essentially, this committee existed to rewrite something that had already been written. That sounds like a massive waste of time and money.

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