Trump Lays Out EXACTLY How Christianity Will Be Treated Under His Presidency

One of the more pleasing parts of Trump’s candidacy is his unabashed advocacy of a very important cornerstone of America’s past that has fallen by the wayside and even despised lately – Christianity.

In this interview with Hugh Hewitt, el Trumpo outlines just what Christians can expect under a Donald Presidency, if he makes it into the Oval Office.

Watch below:

Whatever you might say about him otherwise, it sure would be nice to have a President who doesn’t deride Christianity at every opportunity does, like the current resident. It was Obama who actually scolded Christians about the Crusades in comparison to modern day atrocities committed by extremist Muslims – I doubt very much that Trump would follow in those particularly stupid footsteps.

And maybe that partly explains why he’s so popular with Evangelicals despite what really appears like a lack of understanding of Christian doctrines.

What do you think? Would you rather have a focus on Christianity or not?