Trump Called Unpatriotic For Defending American History

MSNBC’s Al Sharpton claims it was “not patriotic”to go against the taking down of Confederate monuments and memorials.

After playing a video of Trump supporting Confederate statues, Sharpton stated, “That was President Trump a year ago, chastising activists for removing statues of Confederate traders from America’s public spaces, including, as you heard, universities. This week students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill decided that a century old confederate statue dubbed Silent Sam has honored the school’s rebel alumni for long enough. So, on Monday, more than 200 of them toppled the monument chanting, quote, ‘I believe we will win.’ Let this, that the confederates represented not only the continued enslavement based on color, my people, but they were committing treason against the United States government. As we look at investigations today, that include this president on whether there are those colluded with American enemy nations, we can, without a doubt, see those that defend praising those that were enemies of the union of this nation and committed treason, just to keep slaves and to keep their way of life. That’s not patriotic.”