Trump BLASTS Hillary On Benghazi with THIS New Video Attack Ad Featuring President Obama

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has been using Hillary Clinton’s own words against her. But now he has brought in another Democrat to do the same: President Barack Obama.

In the latest ad that he released on social media, Obama can be heard talking about Clinton’s infamous ‘3 a.m phone call’ commercial in 2008, explaining what he would want in someone answering it. In the clip which was from his 2008 primary battle against Clinton, Obama says:

“Here’s the important thing about that 3 a.m phone call – what you want is somebody who is, first of all, going to get all the facts and gather up good intelligence.”

Cue Clinton post-Benghazi, as Obama’s secretary of state: “We’ve seen rage and violence directed at American embassies over an awful internet video”, She said.

Ofcourse it now widely known that not only did the video have absolutely nothing to do with it, but that the administration knew that it was a planned Al Qaeda attack. Obama also said:

“The second thing we want is somebody who is able to analyze the situation, the cost and benefits of actions.”

On Benghazi, a clip was shown of survivors of Benghazi talking about the assault in the aftermath. Kris Tanto Paronto said that that they were told to wait and stand down and that they were delayed three times.

Finally, you can hear Obama saying:

“The most important thing that you need is somebody who’s going to exercise good judgment.”

Again, cue Clinton on her personal email server: “I should have used two accounts, one for personal, one for work-related emails. That was a mistake.”

Trump posted the video with a modest caption on Instagram:

“Crooked Hillary is a corrupt, lying and unethical person that time and time again, places America in grave danger!”

There is no doubt that Benghazi is going to haunt her campaign every day until November and it should – because four American are dead because of her incompetence and her cover-up was even worse.

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