Trump Accused Of Lying To Promote Policy

veteran journalist Carl Bernstein is claiming that President Trump is utilizing the art of lying to “promote his policies.”

Bernstein stated, “We have had presidents in the past who have lied, there’s no question about that. But what we have never had is a President of the United States who uses lying and untruth as a basic method to promote his policies, his beliefs, and his way of approaching the American people and engaging in the world.”

“Uniquely, we have a president who does not believe in truth as the force that ought to be our objective in policy and who we are as a people. This is far different from anything we have experienced.”

  • Peleus

    Apparently he slept through the eight years of Obama??

    • Mercedes Waggoner

      and Obie’s 1108 recorded lies an misdeeds

    • Susan K.

      And the 8 years of Billy Clinton.

      • Karla

        YES! YES!

    • Karla


  • Norman Fox

    Does it not excite you that some idiot can go around and accuse the president of lying with out any proof to back it up? Hmm more liberal far leftist at work I see. Wonder if they will ever run out of ways to lie.

    • Mercedes Waggoner

      Kinda like the Ford Senate charade

      • Medic RN

        Huge something I thought of:
        Ford KNEW about Grassleys offer to come to California for her statement….although denied by her legal team. (a lie they’re being prosecuted for by Judicial Watch).
        You see, the accusation statement had to made on the national stage to be effective damage to Trump.
        If it had been done privately, it would have been inconsequential.
        Huge Democrat strategic lie.

      • Karla


    • apzzyk

      Just since the caravan began, Trump has blamed the usual suspects without any verification or support from facts; has claimed that they are infiltrated by Muslims, also without any factual support; and just today said that they were coming here to vote in the elections, which is not even possible. Last week the Washington Post reported that it had done all of the fact checking and had found 5,000 lies which it documented and the Toronto Star has replicated this list independently. He stated last not at a Cruz rally that he would cut middle class taxes by 10% next week, when Congress will not even be in session. This skips over the minor ones that are mostly repeats of previous lies. How he has any credibility with anyone is amazing.

      • Harold Sammons

        lways accused of telling a lie, large percentage proved true; where do you get your information, the daily Democommie report?

      • Medic RN

        Soooo…..why don’t they apply for lawful entry instead of trespassing illegally? Lies? You bet it.

      • Jeepers

        Of course, you would claim the migrants themselves are lying, right?
        Once again, you leftists lie with fake news. They can drop 12 reporters into Sarah Palin’s back yard and find out how many beers Kavanaugh drank 37 years ago, but aren’t interesting a hoot in anything outside their talking points. Maybe in another 79 years, you’ll gain some wisdom? LOL

        • apzzyk

          In the interviews that I have seen on PBS, which may loose its Federal Funding for being neutral, all that I have seen in the interviews are mostly women with kids who are tired, hungry and thirsty, and none of them have mentioned any of Trump’s bad people. The US has the highest incarceration rate in the world, and in just FL, there are over 1.4 million ex felons who cannot vote, so at least 10% of those that you see and do business with and work with every day has a criminal record, so there is no reason to panic. INS reported that in all of 2016, there were 14 from middle east countries. The woman who is my favorite check out clerk at Safeway is Arabic and she just got promoted into a management position. Sarah Palin is something else and the reason why McCain might have lost is because she is such an air head. I want to thank her for bringing Tina Fey out of the writing room and onto the little screen.
          Ford’s allegations against Kavanaugh were at least plausible and probably not confirmed because of the 3 day FBI investigation where she was not interviiewed again. When I went to college after completing my 4 in the USMC, because nothing would shock me I did peer counseling with women who had experienced the same type of assault. It was reported that Ford, with here degree in Psychology, had been seeing a therapist for years who supported her in coming forward, at risk to herself, I continued doing the same both as a faculty counselor and in various work places, and so I have heard much the same many times. If you watch SVU you may have seen what a hard time that they have in getting a victim to even have the rape kit, file a complaint and then testify. Kavanaugh did such a good job that Chief Justice Roberts asked the 10 circuit to investigate on whether he lied or not and report back to him in 30 days which will be up about election time. Like all independent branches it is the courts themselves that decide on whether a person is qualified or not. At the lower court levels, all have Judicial Counsels which have the power to essentially take any Judge out of action if he or she is seen by them as getting too far out. The Judge who is effected has the right to appeal to the Circuit or the Supreme Court with the Chief Juarixw making the final decision. Roberts also said that he was not going to have a partison branch of government, like the others so all of Trumps appointees will be given offices and staff but nothing important to do. There are a couple of the appeals by judges in case law, but that is probably just the very top of the iceberg. The one that I remember best regarded a Federal District Judge in CA, who the Judicial Counsel said that he thought that he had been appointed to be God. The ecision went against him. Earlier this week the Senate Judiciary Committee met without even inviting any Democrats, and confirmed 6 judges in one morning.. I am going to take the Federal Government to court over VA malpractice, and the first thing that I will look at are the qualifications of the Judge by looking at his or her previous decisions. This really is political, and all I want is the most impartial judge possible. I am also their worst fear because I am not an attorney, and have learned my law the old fashioned way of studying decisions. This may be as strict as were the cases against McVey and Nicols, and I may attract some outside help, as did a friend in 1978 over something that was also political. I just put a much lower court in its place yesterday. One of the things that really gets me about the Trumpites is just how badly our education system has failed us to produce such a large number of people who are just so basically ignorant, and who are so willing to join another cult of personality. When you go to Trump town, do not drink anything that you did not bring with you.

  • Medic RN

    Soooo asshat? What lies ARE those? More liberal unsubstantiated BS? Feelings? Opinions? Bullwash & Lies?
    Idea: Wrap your socialist cheeks around a fact.

  • Ah nutz

    notice ” HELP WANTED ” signs are all over the place today …= so is Trump lying about making the economy better? Obummer NEVER had that going on…. (he trying to claim job improvement) might have seen jobs created but , because of ‘nightmare’ A.C.A. they were part time jobs…also anyone see any missiles flying over Japan lately / nuke threats ??? the world leaders of lying are the dems. and msm etc.

  • dosadoe

    Everybody must believe the congenital liar Carl Bernstein! Yeah, that’s the ticket!

  • Frank Roza

    This guy is a LOON!

  • Janis

    Bernstein is a bitter, old man who still hasn’t gotten over that Woodward was portrayed by Robert Redford and he was portrayed by Dustin Hoffman in the movie.

  • Patrick Feeney

    Carl Bernstein can Kiss My Ass!

  • Gary Grissett


  • Letterman007

    He evidently missed a few of the last presidents! He’s a liberal, his mouth was moving so he’s lying!

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    So what lies has Pres. Trump committed? Did Bernstein say or does the author know?

  • A_Nobody

    Being called a liar by liars is a joke and of no consequence.