This Scandal Might Be Obama’s BIGGEST And No ONE Is Talking About It!

Steven Hayes is a great contributor at Fox News and he outlines what he believes will become the biggest of Obama’s scandals, and hardly anyone is talking about it.

Watch below:

More from the New York Post:

The top US military commander for the Middle East vowed Wednesday to take “appropriate action” if an investigation indicates that senior defense officials altered intelligence reports on the Islamic State and other militant groups in Syria to exaggerate progress being made against the terrorist groups.

A Defense Department inspector general began an investigation after an intelligence officer at the Central Command lodged a complaint in July. In his first remarks about the allegations, Gen. Lloyd Austin, commander of the US Central Command, told the Senate Armed Services Committee that he welcomed the Defense Department inspector general’s investigation, but that he could not comment directly until the review was over.

Committee members expressed concern.

“Published media reports suggest that the CIA’s estimate of ISIL’s manpower has remained constant, despite US airstrikes, which suggests that either they were wrong to begin with, or that ISIL is replacing its losses in real time. Neither is good,” said committee chairman Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.).

“Indeed, this committee is disturbed by recent whistleblower allegations that officials at Central Command skewed intelligence assessments to paint an overly positive picture of conditions on the ground,” McCain said.

You can be sure that the mainstream media will do everything it can to shelter Obama from any responsibility, but perhaps this will be the scandal that will actually take Obama down.