This Picture Of A Bernie Sanders Supporter Perfectly Displays What SOCIALISM Really IS!!

I don’t know how much you know about Bernie Sanders, but he’s the Democrat presidential candidate that actually, literally, ran as a socialist.

And I think that might explain why this moron is one of his biggest supporters, and showed at a Trump campaign rally just to shove his socialist idiocy in people’s faces.

Behold the moron:

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 4.00.32 AM

Yup. That’s duct tape.

Now if I apply my creative writing prowess to that picture, I’m pretty sure that this dopey idiot can’t get a girlfriend, and also lives in his mom’s basement. He probably couldn’t afford a real Bernie Sanders official shirt because he works a low-skill minimum wage job, and the thinks that the capitalist system is exploiting him.

So instead of gaining new skills and being worth a greater wage, this moron actually believes that we just need to elect a socialist that will shake down all the evil nefarious capitalists.

And that’s why he’s the poster child for dim-witted morons who don’t know how the free market works.

Go Bernie, right?