The Tables Are Turning On Mueller

Syndicated conservative talker Mark Levin attacked special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe and stated Mueller’s attempt to indict President Trump violates the Constitution and Department of Justice policy.

Transcript as follows:

HANNITY: Welcome back to Hannity.

So, this morning, President Trump went after the Mueller witch hunt, tweeting quote, “The appointment of the special counsel is totally unconstitutional, despite that we’ll play the games. Because I, unlike the Democrats, have nothing, have done nothing wrong.”

All right. Here with all the legal commentary I called him the great one. He’s the host of CRTV’s Levin TV, the host of “Life, Liberty, Levin,” the number one show on Sunday night, 10 here on Fox News, the great one.

All right. The idea that a president can be indicted, I want you to deal with that. I want you to deal with the idea of pardons. I want you to — because this is your wheelhouse, Mark, and the idea that the president has done anything wrong, I see you got your papers and you are prepared, sir. Go.

LEVIN: All right. Number one, this indictment issue, the president can’t be indicted according to the United States Department of Justice. The two memos that they put together. This has been the position the Department of Justice for almost half a century.

Mr. Mueller is an inferior employee in terms of the Department of Justice. He works for the Department of Justice. And he must comply with the policies of the Department of Justice. So he’s been putting aside the constitutional issue, he can’t defy the Department of Justice and bring in an indictment.

I believe they already understand that because they watch your show. Constitutionally, we know he can’t either because of the arguments laid out by Republican administration and Democrat administration.

In other word, you can’t cripple the president of the United States, he’s the most powerful man in the federal government, and expect him to have his due process constitutional rights properly defended at the same time.

No president has been indicted, and there is a reason for that. No president has ever been brought before a federal grand jury, and there is a reason for that. Perhaps Mr. Mueller is the one who was the tyrant, not the president of the United States.

Now the Appointment Clause of the United States Constitution, President Trump didn’t write that. Last time I checked them the framers wrote it, and it was ratified by all the states.

The defect here is that every special counsel’s appointment is unconstitutional, every special counselor’s appointment is not unconstitutional. This special counsel’s appointment is unconstitutional because the deputy attorney general, Mr. Rosenstein, hasn’t educated himself about the Appointments Clause. He does not have the power to substitute his will for the president and the Senate.

The president nominates principal officers to come to the United States Senate and the Senate must confirm. Assistant attorney general, assistant – – United States attorneys, assistant secretaries are not.

The problem is Mr. Rosenstein conferred so much power onto this special counsel, no specific criminal statutes, no specific individuals, really, and his oversight is so tacit and so limited as he promised, he would keep his hands off of Mr. Mueller that he’s created an unconstitutional special counsel.

And I believe that the president challenges that one day, he will be successful.

Now the pardon power. You know, this memo they keep referring to on Capitol Hill, Mr. Schumer, of all people, it’s two and a half pages long. Page one? Page two? Page three. See my exes? Those of the relevant part of the memo that have nothing to do with what’s going on today.

See the circle? That’s it. And there’s one sentence in this whole thing. Under the fundamental rule that no one maybe a judge in his own case would seem that the question should be answered in that negative. That is whether the president can pardon himself.

This is not a legal document. This is a joke. Do you see all the footnotes here? There aren’t any. Do you see all the case law here? There isn’t any. It’s a novel question because no president has ever been indicted. So why are we even discussing this pardon power? Because the Washington — excuse me — the New York Times, one of their reporters in one of the highlighted sections of their phony article based on the leaked letter puts in there, is the president saying that he can pardon himself?

Of course the president can pardon himself! Here is the language in the Constitution, article two, section two. The president has the power to grant reprieves in part for offenses against the United States except in cases of impeachment. Do you hear anything there, except in the case of the president?

All of these protections are built into our Constitution to protect our Constitution, to protect the president from the mob, from the media, from the Democrats that are a mob today. They are here to protect them. It’s not the president who is violating the Constitution, it’s the media who want the Constitution violated. It’s the Democrats who want the Constitution violated.

It’s Mueller and his merry brand of Democrat prosecutors who are tipping around a constitutional confrontation.

As I said here, every time I’ve been in your show, Sean, the Constitution is the president’s friend. And I’m speaking rather slowly so even Joe Scarborough can comprehend what I’m saying. Or even Chris Cuomo can copperhead what I’m saying.

The president is in his position because of what is Mr. Rosenstein did, he created an unconstitutional monster who is threatening to bring the president in front of a federal grand jury, which is unconstitutional and has never been done, with this notion of obstruction of justice when he exercises his prerogatives as president because they want to indict him, which has never been done.

The only way to remove the president of the United States is the old- fashioned way, through the Senate. And that’s it. And so it’s not the president who is the thug, it’s Mr. Mueller who is the thug, it’s not the president who is the incompetent, it’s Mr. Rosenstein who is the incompetent.

And they can mock the president and his attorneys all they want. But they show up in the Supreme Court, I’m betting that the president and his attorneys win.

HANNITY: And you are saying the Constitution is on the president’s side and he needs to take it and his attorneys need to take it all the way. Last point.

LEVIN: I am saying whether it’s the Appointments Clause or the pardon power or the issue of indicting the president of United States, he is right on his tweets and he is making the people who are criticizing him look like fools.

I would say and I’ve it before. Where the hell is the United States Congress? The Republicans control it. They need to hold hearings. They need to ask Mr. Rosenstein why he didn’t recuse himself since he recommended that Comey be fired. They need to ask Mr. Mueller about those memos out of the Justice Department.

They need to ask Mr. Mueller what authority he has to drag a president in front of a federal grand jury or subpoena him, what authority does he has to even contemplate indicting a president. And how it it that he hasn’t violated the Appointments Clause of the Constitution?

Congress has a role for crying out loud. And there are article one they created first in the Constitution. They don’t have to sit back and watch all this. They need to get involved in it!

HANNITY: All right. That’s why I call you the great one, Mark. So important we get this right. Our constitutional republic depends on it. You can see him Sunday night. Don’t miss it. Watch my — Mark’s show, Life, Liberty, and Levin every Sunday. Number one show on cable right here on Fox.

  • Jmanjo

    The Congress, especially the Republican side, needs to get off its butt and take care of this hoax and joke of an investigation. There was no collusion. There was no conspiracy on the Trump side of the election. There are tons of crimes on the Democrat side and this DOJ and FBI have dropped to ball and not performed their responsibilities. Somebody needs to start kicking ass and taking names! The American people have had enough. BTW, any polls you have seen that are contrary to Trumps’position are fake and media bullcrap!

    • greenlantern1

      Tell THAT to the judge!!

  • Robert Dimmock

    The Congress is so afraid they are going to be called on to earn their pay, by getting off their asses and earning their pay by defending the President. They are like a bunch of little girls telling mommy I didn’t do anything. We the people need to get rid of all of them on both parties and star over.

  • Willie Reeves

    Mr. Mueller win or lose what you are try to accomplish and finding out the facts keep working at it, they have planned this along with Russia many years ago, they have gotten the Russian plants in congress now as well as in the white house now so now they think they can destroy this nation. We most of the sane people of this nation will never let that happen. Those of you who support this clown of a president and those in congress who support his actions and agenda should look toward the future for not only you but for those who come after you. This man in the presidency is for one thing to destroy this country for Russia and as one president long ago stated ” A HOUSE DIVIDED AGAINST ITSELF WILL NOT STAND “. We the people of this nation has always been divided because of race mostly, but you would think after so many years of fighting the same between one another it would have ended by now. But we face something today much serious the destruction of this nation and by one clown along with his imps and misfits which must be stopped.

    • A_Nobody

      Look in a mirror for your clown, child. Your rhetoric is hilarious at best.

      • greenlantern1

        Were the murders, of Ambassador Stevens and his bodyguards, hilarious?

  • Samuel Stephens

    Rosenstein and Mueller and his team need firing an brought up on charges, Rosenstein insubordination, Mueller and team undermining the legitimacy of POTUS and hindering him from doing the job he was elected to do, lead this country and just for being plain old a**hole thugs.

  • greenlantern1

    Cut to the chase!
    Fire Mueller!
    Nixon fired Archibald Cox!
    Proceed, immediately, to IMPEACHMENT!!

    • A_Nobody

      Of whom?

      • greenlantern1

        The HOUSE will decide that!

  • David

    Mueller and his puppets should have already been put in prison…..or hung for TREASON…..I prefer hanging, sends a real message to other TRAITORS….

  • GayEGO

    Mueller is doing his job and does not need to shout out like Trump does. How anyone can stand Trump is beyond me.

    • A_Nobody

      Because we don’t lack in intelligence like you lefites.

      • greenlantern1


      • GayEGO

        That is your problem, you do not question your knowledge, you let Trump tell you his Fake News and what to do. Us lefties do the research to learn the truth.

  • GomeznSA

    It’s NOT whether he is in over his head, it is only how far, and whether anything will be done about it. IOW – nice ‘work’ if you can get it. How many millions has this sham of an investigation already cost?

  • Edouard d’Orange

    Mark Levin is making a Constitutional Law case. Whether one thinks that President Trump did something wrong or not, and even if lots of people don’t like him, No one or group can simply bring a case against any President, presiding in his duties as President, in a court. The justice department, being inferior in position or in the employ of a President, cannot have superior powers to the President. An assistant attorney general cannot give his subordinate greater power than his superior (the AG), much less the President. We don’t know exactly what Rosenstein gave as his scope of investigation because Rosenstein has made this a top secret. Note two examples: 1. Presidents are given powers to conduct their job that are beyond most laws, such as the President can de-classify any secrets without being subject to breach of security laws. 2. Presidents can conduct foreign policy as they see fit. If one takes away the Constitutional powers from any President, then one can take them away from any President in the future. This would apply to democrats, if they ever obtain the Presidency. The only remedy for Presidential high crimes and misdemeanors (not mean tweets or truculence) provided for in the Constitution is for the House of Representatives to vote for impeachment which is tried in the Senate. This is why Levin is sure that Trump and team will win in the Supreme Court, if any case goes that far.