Texas Republican Speaks About Space Force

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX)  recently gave his opinion about “Space Force,” where he believes the United States can’t lose the chance to control space.

“We can’t afford to allow corporations to control space,” Gohmert said. “That has got to be controlled by government because whoever controls space can control planet Earth.”

“We were the leaders, and we’ve got to get back to where we can defend our country in space.”

  • Richard Bagenstose

    thanks to the kenyan freak , we lost our space program, made nasa kiss a$$ of the mullas , have to hitch a ride from the russians at millions of dollars a ride , more of the democrats funding russia and colluding with them , between hillary and the kenyan freak russia made billions of dollars from the u.s. , so where is the investigation, hillary got billion airs to invest in russia , sold our urainium to russia , and oboma was buying military helicopter parts from russia , so if it’s illegal to talk to russia , why where they allowed to sell us out to russia and iran


      You are correct. I wonder why all those key Democratic players aren’t in jail.

    • bmwashburne

      I think bush W was the one that canceled the space shuttle and then we had no transportation to the ISStation obama sent us to Russia to lift our people at the tune of 52 billion and he never made any strides to find a way to get our people up there. Blame those last to nimwits.

  • Absolutely, Rep. Gohmert. I come from a science family–an uncle developed telemetry on the groundfloor of NASA. A cousin’s genetic materials were used for mapping the human genome, my father & brothers made hydraulics & electrical inventions. This country has been sidetracked too long away from most of the things that made America great &the world better for all mankind. Too much time & treasure have been squandered on those things that the Left has used to hold our country back on the continuing path of greatness & true humanitarianism.