Soros Org Does Strange’s Dirty Work

As the battle in Alabama to fill the Senate seat vacated by now-Attorney General Jeff Sessions comes to a head with Tuesday’s special election, a group that gets funding from left-wing George Soros’s son Jonathan Soros is attacking Roy Moore — the conservative candidate battling establishment candidate and appointed Sen. Luther Strange (R-AL).
The Jennifer and Jonathan Allan Soros Foundation are listed among individuals and groups funding the Campaign Legal Center.

“Former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore may be in hot water with the IRS just days before the GOP runoff election for U.S. Senate,” Alabama public radio reported on Thursday. “Moore is in a dead heat with sitting U.S. Senator Luther Strange.”

“Now, the Washington-based Campaign Legal Center is filing a formal complaint with the IRS claiming Roy Moore’s Foundation for Moral Law has violated the law regarding charities and political action,” APR reported.

Campaign Legal Center’s Brendan Fischer claims the foundation is using its Facebook page and newsletter to promote Moore’s campaign.

“And all of this is prohibited, and for an entity that describes itself as a legal foundation, it’s surprising that they would have run afoul of a law that’s so clear,” Fischer said.

The public radio station reported that the Campaign Legal Center is “urging the IRS to open their own investigation.”

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