Sit Down for This Now: Ex-Obamacare Head to Lead Healthcare Lobby

39592668_sGet ready, cause the aftershocks of Obamacare are just beginning. If you haven’t figured it out already, the “Affordable Care Act” was created as nothing more than a vehicle for the U.S. Government to gang up with the biggest healthcare giants in the country to guarantee absolute poverty and servitude of the American people.

As further proof to this already obvious fact, Politico recently reported that the former chief of Medicare, Marilyn Tavenner – the woman who wrote the book on big government healthcare cronyism and who couldn’t seem to use the billions of taxpayer dollars at her disposal to launch a simple website – is going on to lead the largest healthcare lobby in the country.

Politico reports:

Former Medicare chief Marilyn Tavenner has been hired as the new CEO of America’s Health Insurance Plans, representing an industry that she helped regulate during the turbulent launch of Obamacare.

The powerful K Street lobbying group’s announcement Wednesday comes months after Tavenner, a nurse and former hospital CEO, stepped down as the administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. At the agency, she was responsible for writing many of Obamacare’s rules and oversaw the troubled rollout — and repair — of the enrollment website.
She’ll now lead an industry that’s lost its longtime leader, Karen Ignagni, a K Street powerhouse who navigated the industry through Obamacare’s massive overhaul and left this summer to run a New York insurer. Ignagni helped build support for the health law among insurers, a contrast to when the health plans helped kill President Bill and Hillary Clinton’s health reform effort in the 1990s.
Tavenner, who starts in August, takes over at a time of change and challenge for AHIP and the health insurance industry. The nation’s largest health insurer just left AHIP, major insurance mergers are on the horizon, and hardline Republicans are still dedicated to repealing a health-care law the industry is still learning to live with.

But AHIP’s decision to hire a former Obama administration official as its next leader also signals that health insurers are committed to the health reform law.

“This choice, combined with the widespread participation by major insurers in the ACA’s marketplaces, signals that the industry is all in with Obamacare,” said Larry Levitt of the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Tavenner, who was the first Senate-confirmed CMS administrator in almost a decade, is well-regarded by Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill. Her nomination to run the agency was very publicly supported by former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, a fellow Virginian. Despite her role in implementing the president’s divisive heath-care plan, she was approved by the Senate in an overwhelmingly bipartisan vote, 91-7.

“There is no better individual than Marilyn to lead our industry through the increasingly complex health care transformation that is underway,” said AHIP board chairman Mark Ganz in a statement. “She has the respect and trust of policymakers and stakeholders from all sides, and a personal commitment to advance meaningful solutions for improving access to quality, affordable care for all Americans.”