Should We Remove Troops In Korean Peninsula

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) appeared on NBC recently where he argued that he believes the U.S. shouldn’t remove troops from the Korean peninsula.

Graham believes it will destabilize Asia.

“I don’t think canceling a war game is going to matter over the arc of time,” he stated. “But one thing I would violently disagree with is removing our troops. I can’t imagine I would vote for any agreement that requires us to withdraw our forces because that would destabilize Asia. That is what China wants. That doesn’t make the world more peaceful. It makes it more dangerous. The goal is for them to give us the weapons program, missiles and bombs in return for security and prosperity.”

“Senator Schumer, a Democrat, has laid out a deal I could accept,” Graham added. “The only way you’re going to get that deal is convince North Korea that if they do not take the peace route, we will use military force as a last option. We’re going to end this program one way or another. It’s not if. It is how and it is when. I’m cautiously optimistic. I am very pleased with Trump thus far. But we’ve got a long ways to go. They’ve done this twice. And we can’t let them do it a third time.”

  • Donald Baker

    We have far too many troops in far too many foreign countries and it is costing us far too much money. Time to start bringing them home. Germany would be a good place to start

    • Estell Newton

      I believe we should bring our troops home but for a different reason. Our troop are too scattered and if we are attacked on our homeland would there be enough here to defend our homeland? We cannot keep the world free from all troubles and we shouldn’t try. They need to be taught how to defend their own territory and then let them.

      • Donald Baker

        I agree. We are not the world’s policeman, foreign countries for far too long have thought of us as their ATM. Nonstop military adventures and anti American democrats have destroyed our military

        • Estell Newton

          Not only that after they get what they were after they all turn on us. We need our troops home to defend us.

          • Donald Baker

            True. We shouldn’t pay countries to hate us when they do it for free.

  • Albert Gazalooch

    We should reduce forces gradually! As soon a NK sees a potential weak spot, they could overrun the border and we’d be right back where we are now. We should also not announce troop strength and timetables like Obama did. Keep them guessing while we monitor NK’s future agreements.

  • June Gagnon

    Let’s not “put the cart before the horse” – – perhaps “reduce gradually”, but keep significant number in place “until/unless” NK has proven to “live up to the deal” and acted according to their words.

  • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

    Why can’t South Korea defend herself. They have a huge population, and surely we can give them more than enough armaments to defend them selves. And while were at it that goes for Germany too. They seem to have a lot of freeloaders in that country. Time to put them to work.

    • sagacious536

      Japan as well !

  • GreyHairandGreyMatter

    Johns Hopkins and Fairfield Universities
    Having served with the closest combat arms units to North Korea [both artillery and cavalry] during the mid-60’s and also briefly under the aegis of Major General Yarborough at the Panmunjom conferences unless matters have changed significantly we the United States were much more concerned about the South Koreans marching north rather than the North Koreans marching south. It’s one of the principal reasons why we were very meticulous in controlling the level of munitions in the hands of the South Korean military during that era. Personally, I realize it’s expensive to maintain American troops in South Korea, but if I were president I agree wholeheartedly with Lindsey Graham I would continue to maintain U.S. troops in South Korea for the foreseeable future until the threat of war with the North Koreans is completely abated. Maybe five or ten years down the road I may view matters differently.
    Fred Harden III aka “GreyHairandGreyMatter”

  • William Gordon

    I take what the President said: he was not removing any tropps from South Korea until all the requirements are met.. Not until that occurres all those troops are not leaving South Korea. Stop saying or commenting on the problem before it is done in North Korea, as the President has made that statement. Why dosen’t the media write the story correctly. No wonder the President claims the media is all a bunch of flakes and liars. The media is more then what the President as said they are Traitors/triatous and in some cases put in court for causing conflict. I do not trust one media person, anywhere..

  • Robert Dimmock

    Don’t act just yet on troop removal from south korea. Lets take time to see what happens.

  • Paladin

    ROK troops are some of the most capable in the world. The NVA were scared $hitless of them!!! Take time to look at the bottom of peninsula; the upper hand is easy to grab when there is no room to maneuver… The backup logistics of the US is important here since the north uses human waves to achieve victory; not like the mid-east which does not have the ‘throw away’ troops in human wave operations!!!

  • Michael Skok

    We need to declare war on somebody. That’s the only way for President Trump to shut the lying press up.

  • zookeeper216

    They’ve already had their war games this year and the next one is not due till 2019. He’s not removing the troops and the US has not given any concessions. The fake news must be working overtime.