Should Kavanaugh Step Down Regardless Of Innocent?

Former National Security Agency (NSA) director Gen. Michael Hayden (Ret.) recently spoke about the Brett Kavanaugh situation and stated that even if the Supreme Court nominee is not guilty, he should step down anyway.

Hayden believes that Kavanaugh withdrawing would be “the best course of action for the greater good for the nation.”

“I’ve had experience leading large organizations that, you know, you try to be fair, and you move that balance very carefully in a calibrated sort of way to be the most fair you can be, but at some point I’ve had experience, John, where I’ve just said, ‘You know, this is just getting too hard. Maybe there’s a reason that it’s too hard to strike the balance of fairness. Maybe the best course of action, in this case, is to not follow this course of action.’”

He added, “And when you look at Judge Kavanaugh and how he’s responded to the charges — and John, I am not talking about perjury or anything like that here, I am just talking about we never saw a full-throated, ‘You know, I was probably really stupid in high school and I was probably really stupid in college, but I’m not stupid anymore.’ We’ve never seen that. What we’ve seen is what a military mind, eye, would call quibbling over notes in a yearbook or what did or did not happen at a party. So, this may be the case where the best course for America is just to reboot. Now the sadness is, that’s a great personal tragedy for Brett Kavanaugh and his family, but it also might be the best course of action for the greater good for the nation.”

  • Harpistjill

    IF Kavanaugh were to step down, it would be the beginning of “Guilty until you prove that you’re innocent”….and IF you’re not a democrat, you’re guilty!

    • GomeznSA

      Yep, if he does remove himself it will be a tacit admission – NOT of guilt – but that the smear tactics work. And if that happens, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

  • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    Any one who thinks Kavanavugh should step down can just keep quite cause we need him in our Supreme Court PERIOD.

  • Don Lindsey

    Kavanaugh should not step down, but a huge number of Democraps should!

    • GomeznSA

      “huge number” – um, NO it should be nearly all of them at all levels, city, county, state AND especially federal.

  • Eddie P

    Hayden is an establishment crony, any recommendation from him should be taken with a grain of salt as he is likely a never Trumper in the first place and enjoys the old status quo prior to Trump.

  • SteveJbleedsblue

    Absolutely not.

  • Mikee Wol

    So lets see…you state: “we never saw a full-throated, ‘You know, I was probably really stupid in high school and I was probably really stupid in college, but I’m not stupid anymore.” Him saying that would validate what Ford said was true….You want to make guild by accusation a deciding factor in confirmation to the SC. Not going to happen as much as you would like.

  • doc suske

    Of course NOT!

    Republicans = fundamental fairness

  • David

    HELL NO…..What idiot started that????


    Not just NO!!!! BUT HELL FXXXING NO!!! We cannot allow irrational, unconstitutional behaviour to be rewarded!!! If we fail to seat this judge then, they have won and more importantly they now will know that from this day forward they can make up anything out of ‘WHOLE CLOTH” and they will get their way on allegations alone!!! What a very sick pressident to allow to be set!

  • le3845

    Never step down and never give into the violent immature social justice guilty until proven innocent left.

  • Albert Witte

    Gen. Hayden, you sir are a bigger idiot than the guy you used to work for. Crawl back into your hole and shut up!!!

    • americanswhoarehonest

      YOU, do not have the authority to tell ANYONE, WHAT TO DO, so Albert YOU shut the heck up.

      • Albert Witte

        Oh go blow your boyfriend, americanshonestwhore!

  • Hayden just exposed himself for being a total idiot! This is a battle between freedom and socialism, where the socialists have pulled every dirty trick they can think of to block another person to the Supreme Court who will actually follow the Constitution and written law. If Kavanaugh were to withdraw or be voted down, the socialists (Democrats, if you have no idea what I am talking about) will perform the same actions or worse against the next candidate. Plus God help this country if they were to gain control of the /Senate in the next election. Hayden appears to be completely blind as to the stakes for this country in this issue.

    • GomeznSA

      I pretty much agree, but hayden is not “completely blind” – he is a typical big government socialist who thinks that he is so special that he will be one of the top dogs when they take over the Republic and institute whatever version of a socialist government they desire.

  • Gen. Michael Hayden is an asshole. Diane Feinstein should step down.

  • Paul Hunter

    If he steps down that would mean the Democrats underhanded smear campaign worked and would just encourage them to continue with that strategy. It would be a huge mistake for the country and for Kavanaugh. The Democrats would go around saying they “proved” he was guilty.

    • Georgianne Crocevera

      I agree wholeheartedly, but all of us who feel this way should pray that the entire Kavanaugh Family can maintain their equilibrium and be stronger in spite of all this disgusting behavior by the Dems!

      • Paul Hunter

        I agree wholeheartedly.

  • Brabado

    NOT in your life… America supports him 1000% against the Evil Doers in the Liberal/Socialist and Communist Democratic Party… Even with their new Black Spartan buffoon!
    The known Evil Corrupt Liberal Democrats has to bite the dirt, and go back to their Cesspool where they were born, and Sen. Feinstein, should be hang by her Black Wig, for intentionally and repugnantely destroying the lives of the Kavanagh Family….
    Neither than mean witch nor her crony, Schumer have any soul, shame or decency in them… Typical Evil Democrats…
    Semper fi.

  • Bill R.

    Absolutely not!! I think he should rub this Democratic smear in their faces every chance he gets. He won’t because he is a better man than me-because I would. Feinstein, Booker, Coons, Harris and all the other slime balls on the left need to hang their head in shame-but they won’t because they are “Shameless”.

  • HUH??

    I disagree with Hayden, if Kavanaugh were to step down “for the good of the nation”, 1) You might as well hang a guilty sign around his neck, because that’s how it will be perceived by the Dems, not to mention the gloating on their part that their trickery worked and they got what they wanted, at the expense of a man’s reputation and career.
    2) it would not be for the good of the nation, does he really think that would bring the right and left together for a Kumbaya moment? No, if he steps down, the right is going to be up in arms, pointing their fingers at the left; if he doesn’t step down, the left is going to be up in arms, pointing their fingers at the right, saying we allowed a pervert to be on the Supreme Court. Either way, one side will be happy, and the other will be pissed off. There is no happy ending either way. I support Kavanaugh, this man has been through enough having to defend himself against false accusations, I’m not sure he’s even going to feel like it’s a victory, when this should have been one of the greatest moments of his life, he probably feels like a dog that’s been kicked to the curb.

  • jeanette

    confirm Brett Kavanugh Now, stop this damn witch hunt .

  • donl

    Not just NO, but Hell NO! It would just give the DemComs something more to LIE about.

  • Bay0Wulf

    Yeah …
    I’d like to see how this guy actually justifies this line of thought even to himself.
    We should all … in ALL walks of life … simply and meekly accept being accused and then excoriated in public.
    It’s for the “good” of all concerned.
    Actually, I think there are many too many people, especially since this administration got started, who simply caved in “for the good of …” thereby depriving the US Citizenry AND the Administration of the benefit of their knowledge, their abilities, their work.
    How does it make sense that someone who is uniquely qualified and carefully selected to do a particular, should simply step aside, step down, refuse the job due to what are quite possibly baseless allegations without attempting to defend themselves declaring that; “Its for the Good Of…”?
    ##1. We lose the benefit of that person being in that position.
    #2. The fact that the person bows out that easily MAKES THEM LOOK GUILTY.
    #3. The fact that the person bows out that easily makes Our President look like a Fool, an Idiot, for NOT being more careful in his choices.

  • Finder1009

    What kind of ignorant ass question is this? Judge Kavanaugh should NOT step down. That would simply be handing the liberal slander machine a victory after Judge Kavanaugh is proven innocent.

  • Paul Hunter

    Now that he has been cleared of all the baseless charges that had no corroboration, when can we expect apologies from the Democrats who smeared him with no evidence?