Shocking: THIS is How the Dallas Shooter Actually Died

50978466_lAs the events of the Dallas shooting unfold, it has been revealed that one of the alleged shooters took shelter in a nearby parking garage where the major chunk of shooting took place.

The police attempted to negotiate with the man who made his way to the second level of the garage.

In a press conference, Dallas Police Chief David Brown claimed that the suspect exchanged gunfire with police during the negotiations. This lasted hours! However, the gunfire did not kill the suspect; it was the bomb robot deployed by law enforcement did so.

Allegedly, the suspect also told the police that he was not part of any group but he was still upset with the Black Lives Matter group, the white people and the recent police shootings. He also claimed that he wanted to kill white police officers and white people. These negotiations obviously broke down, and that is when the police arrived at the decision to send in a device with a bomb attached.

According to  ABC News, Brown said that the police did not see any other option but to use the bomb robot to detonate an explosion where the suspected was.

“The suspect said other things which are a part of this investigation that everyone associated with this tragic event is brought to justice.”

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said no information would be released related to the other three suspects in custody as it would interfere with the investigations. So far what we know is that five officers were killed, seven officers and two civilians got injured during the shootout.

Let’s see how the story develops with the ongoing investigation.