Senator Fearlessly Backs Kavanaugh

Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) who recently appeared on Fox News admitted that he told Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh that he was prepared to vote for him “as needed.”

Daines stated, “I just spoke with Judge Kavanaugh. I gave him a call tonight. Because the news was out there that — about the wedding. … I said, Judge Kavanaugh, I’m going to be there to vote for you as needed.”

He continued, “My goal this weekend is to walk my daughter down the aisle and to see a new United States Supreme Court justice put on our court.”

Daines further added, “Votes are held open all the time on the floor of the US Senate, once a vote is called. There have been some extenuating circumstances, you can back in time and history and see where they’ve had to hold the vote open for a member to come back and cast their vote.”

  • WhiteFalcon

    I didn’t know that the vote could be held open for that reason. That is my thing to learn for today 🙂

  • The one who was really fearless in this farce of a hearing was Joe Mancin of West Virginia! He broke with his party and voted what his constituents WANTED!! Bravo Mr. Mancin!!!

    • william bailey

      Joe is probably the only COOL democrat !

  • Bambigg

    If not for Feinstein’s last minute “drama”, i.e., THE LETTER, this could have been moot! Schummer, Feinstein’s, et,al, had planned it and hence created this chaos. Summing up, your day will come. You sow what you reap. What comes around goes around.