Sen Murphy Says Republicans Are Allowing Mass Murder

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) is claiming that Republicans are “complicit in this mass murder,” because they refuse to pass gun control due to mass shootings.

Murphy stated, “Complicit is the word that I use. It makes Republicans complicit in this mass murder. I mean, let’s be honest, these are copycat killers. It’s not a coincidence that every single troubled young man is using an AR-15. They are doing it, because they see the destruction, the lethality, the efficiency of the weapon, and use it again.”

“And when they see Congress do absolutely nothing — I really do believe that this is an unintentional but quiet endorsement of this kind of mass murder. And so, I think that the Republicans are complicit and anybody who does nothing are complicit if we don’t actually act and use our power as legislatures to condemn this epic mass slaughter.”

  • bandhriot

    The gentleman has stated nothing worth a counter. He and Maxine Waters would make a great team.

  • 7PastorCarmine7

    No Stupid it is Democrats murdering people Jack-ass!

  • Mike Jahns

    What a stupid notion. First you blame the guns, not the person pulling the trigger, for the murders and now you try to blame the Republicians for not bowing to your lame attempt at gun control. You have such little grasp of reality that maybe you should face background checks before you run for office.

  • Brian Hogan

    Democrats with their gun free zones are supplying targets for mass shooting. If anything is encouraging mass shooting, it’s knowing that the shooter will be able to do his killing in relative safety. If the shooter is the only one in the area with a gun, he doesn’t have to worry about being stopped by some armed with a gun who just might upset his plans of killing a bunch of people. Mass shooters like safe and easy targets. That’s why they target gun free zones.

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    Well, better ‘accused of complicity’ than to be “PROVABLY, DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE” for school shootings.

    Joe biden CREATED THE GUN FREE ZONES that INVITED the shooters to “come on over and see what score you can rack up before the cops show up”….

    Hint: biden IS NOT a ‘republican’.

  • Samuel Stephens

    Chris Murphy is an a**hole too.

    • Alan

      Very true !

  • Oscar Pearson

    The Democrats own stupid people. What they want is no guns so their socialist animals can kill at will!

  • johnnywoods

    One more ignorant statement from a lying Democrap.

  • The True Grit

    Actually, the reason so many died is because the Democrats prevent gun control laws and other laws and policies that already exist from being enforced. Think about it. It’s obvious. The Democrats are playing politics with childrens and adults lives so they can be in a position to manipulate public opinion about Conservatives and about guns.
    Name one instance when a gun has made a decision to harm a person. People commit crimes, not guns. More people are killed by cars than guns. More people are killed by knives than guns. Why aren’t the Democrats demanding that they be banned.
    Hell, more people are killed by illegal aliens than guns, so show me the logic in the demands for gun control when they don’t enforce the firearms laws that already exist.
    It was a Democratic Sheriff, and an FBI still run by Obama’s Democratic flunkeys, that had information that could have been used to prevent this last school shooting, but they didn’t do a frickin thing.
    It was that same Democratic Sheriff and a Democratic School Board that made an agreement (behind the backs of the public and Press) that let the shooter get away with so many other things that helped bring that incident on.
    If they felt so strongly about NOT arresting Juv Offenders, then WHY DID THEY KEEP IT FROM THE PUBLIC AND THE PRESS? Hell NO! It was because they knew it was a crappy idea but didn’t care.

  • fbair1

    Its hard to believe people like her become elected to a public office. ill bet her ass is protected…….. What she doesn’t get is if guns are banned the animals can kill at will, and im not going to be one of them killed at will.

  • allen blaine

    Murphy is an idiot. He could care less about saving lives. How do I know?? Well, the dead giveaway is the fact that every day in this country over 1,400 babies are slaughtered by a violent death involving ripping off their tiny arms and legs and then using a vacuum to suck the pieces out of the womb, known as abortion. 1.5 million babies a year. This a$$whole could care less. He wants to totally disarm us. If that ever comes to a head, they better be prepared to face off with 150 million gun owners. There is not an army in the world that could take us on.

  • Bill

    The demoRATS continue with there warped twisted and delusional lies and thinking or lack of thinking! Good grief how can anyone take these people serious!!

  • old_salty_dawg99

    Given this MORON is a Democrap he should know a mass murderer because Democraps are the TRUE MASS MURDERERS in the world with their SENSELESS support of MURDER OF THE UNBORN all these years. They beat the Communists of Russia(Stalin and Lenin) and Mao of China. That is a record NO normal person with a heart or soul would want and the Democraps love having it.

  • Timothy Doolittle

    You are all missing the truth behind the mass shootings. It’s not the guns and responsible persons behind them , it’s the young and impressionable persons that are raised these days watching movies and video games that reward them for killing. The democrats we see spouting gun control are the very people that are teaching the kids today that it’s alright to kill innocent people (antifa).

  • Jeannie

    How dare you!!! You want to hear mass murder??? In the year 2014 PLANNED PARENTHOOD murdered 323,999 babies through abortions.NOW THAT IS MASS MURDER!!!!

    • The Manz

      Only if they’re white adamic children.

  • mike

    And from what I have read all the shooters were Dumocraps

  • Eugene Crocker

    Another Liberal Democrat Communist running his mouth again. Haven’t they learned their lesson yet, oh that right none of them went to school, they have this all knowing aura, they were born with it. Tell me some more lies and we will boot you out of office, how does that sound.

  • Joe Martinez

    Murphy said it was a single troubled young man yet it reported that Cruz arrived at the school and the shooting started as soon as he walked into the school. Now for discrepancies. A girl student said she was talking to Cruz when shots rang out. Then we have a teacher who saw the shooter not more than 20 feet away dressed in tactical gear and wondered why the police presence then she saw the person in tactical gear shooting at students then a bullet grazed her arm. So who was this person. Were the police told not to enter the school so this shooter could escape or blend in with other police personnel dressed in tactical gear.