See Why This Evangelist’s Verbal Lashing of Obama is Going Viral

Barack Obama just issued a letter about the LGBT bathroom agenda to all of America’s public schools, and it represents the insanity of today’s world perfectly. What right does he have to dictate how access to public bathrooms is controlled? Till now, this wasn’t even an issue up for discussion, but now liberals have used it to open a Pandora’s Box of moral degradation!

Thankfully, there are still a few moral stalwarts in this country to shine a light on the depravity that’s running rampant in our society. One such stalwart is Reverend Franklin Graham, and he just lambasted Obama over his absurd overreach into Americans’ public restrooms.

See an image of Graham’s full post below:

Screenshot 2016-05-17 14.39.33

It’s satisfying to see somebody say what everybody is thinking – and to do it with such tact and piercing fervor!

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