Sarah Sanders “Appalled” By Democrats

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders recently admitted to Fox News that Democrats’ unwillingness to reach a negotiation with President Trump was “appalling.”

When speaking directly about the shutdown, Sanders stated, “Nancy Pelosi has been unwilling to do anything, and that is simply not going to work. It is not going to fix the problem. She has to get serious about doing her job, not just be serious about being a political figure, and hopefully, we’ll see something break on that soon.”

“Certainly we do not want the government to remain closed, which is why we asked Democrats to sit down help us solve the problem. We can’t continue kicking this down the road. We can’t continue to ignore it. We know there is a crisis at the border. American lives are at stake. The president wants to do what his constitutional duty is to protect those. I find it just appalling that Democrats are unwilling to do anything to fix this problem, work with the president and open the government.”

Adding, “The president will negotiate, but at this point, he will not negotiate with himself. He is the only one that has a proposal on the table. Democrats have yet to put anything forward other than obstruction. They have to put something on the table. They have to at least sit-down, willing to have a conversation. So far they have been unwilling to do anything. The president’s proposal has actual things that Democrats specifically asked for. They asked for more technology at ports of entry. They asked for a processing center, asylum processing center for people from Central America. They asked that the wall be not concrete but steel barriers. The president has given and puts the specific requests of Democrats into his proposal that he laid out for them. It is time for them to come to the table, work with us.”