Sanders Happy Pruitt Resigned

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) showed happiness in the resignation of EPA Director Scott Pruitt and said the new director Andrew Wheeler “should be vigorously opposed.”

Sanders stated he is “delighted” that Pruitt left, and “what we have got to do now is to see if we can get a handful of Republican senators to understand that climate change is real, that environmental protection is enormously important for this country, and get them on board to demand that Trump appoint an EPA administrator who represents the American people and not just the fossil fuel industry.”

Sanders continued by saying Wheeler “should be vigorously opposed.” And, “[N]ot every Republican agrees with Trump or Pruitt that climate change is a hoax. There are many Republicans who understand that it is real, that it is an enormously serious issue. And we need three, four of them to join us in saying that we need an EPA administrator, I know this is a radical idea, who actually believes in environmental protection, rather than just the profits of the oil industry or the gas industry or the coal industry. That’s what we need to do. And we’ve got to put pressure on our Republican colleagues to get them on board.”

  • Danny S.

    Bernie is a kook! He is a huge socialist hypocrite who also tells us everything is a right and should be free. But do you see him turning away and sharing his three homes all are large that take lots of energy to heat and cool? Do you see him push away and share the his million dollar a year income? Last question how does a politician make a million dollars a year ? Could it be payoffs from the climate change industry?

    • Rodger K. Shull

      yep it must be MAGIC , making 174,000.$$ into a MILLION $$$.

  • Rodger K. Shull

    why not you retire you old sorry A$$ed scandalious FAKE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT FREELOADER. An then you see some SERIOUS celebration. You could not get regular welfare, so you went on it anyways, as a lousy politician.

  • apzzyk

    The problem with almost all of this administration is that they came to office with the attitude that they were sent by some deity to simply abolish the present without looking at the consequences. Pruitt would not have lasted with his spending sprees in any prior administrations at all. He built his personal security empire to protect him from the reality of the consequences of his actions. He tried to boost his national security profile by the $40,000+ phone booth, where is role in the actual security of the US being very low. This is the same approach that our draft dodger in chief has used with the leaders of other nations. He has appeared and said this is what I am going to do – fall in line and do what I want you to do. He apparently does not even know why the regulations that he wants to repeal were put in place in the first place any more that Trump understands the international community. Neither know how to treat others as equals.
    Both Pruitt and Trump probably cheered when Obama’s EO on adult amnesty was blocked from going into effect. But did not understand the reason – the opponents to this had asserted that Obama had not followed the Process required by the Administrative Proceedures Act (5 USC 553-559), because they never learned about processes at all. We have seen how the GOP has NOT applied this to any of Trump’s EO’s or Pruitt’s repeal of the hated regulations and by not reviewing how the regulations came into place he is just asking the people to put up with the reasons all over. For example, during Reagan, the developers wanted to fill CO with Condos, and the evironmental movement opposed so the Condos and other structures got started or even reached completion to be burnt down by ‘eco-terroroists’. The attitude of the enviornmentalists has not changed, but if the regulations are repealed and we go back to building, the same thing is probably going to happen for a net loss to both the enviornment and the economy. CO is now burning and that is probably the result of climate change so far, but officially, thanks to the EPA not collecting any more data, we are less certain about that than we were 2 years ago. Denying reality, which I see in most of this administration, does not change it.
    Now we have a former Coal lobbiest as Acting Director so he got his marching orders before he was appointed, and so nothing will change so we will continue to fall back as many steps as they can push us without control, except possibly by the new House who will make them perform by the purse strings, and putting mandates in the appropriations bills which will make them follow the APA for not only new, but to repeal old regulations, and then there will be great Howls.

  • Rich Kenny

    Yeah! try to make the conservatives believe in something that is diametrically opposed to our GOD driven climate!!! the libs have never been smart enough to accept the natural happenings in our atmosphere and world… They have no basis for their false claims.. We don’t control these “things of nature”.. we just learn how to live with them, as we learn how to deal with and live with the liberals who are also “freaks of nature” Let’s just deal with these normal happenings and IN GOD WE WILL TRUST he is the designer and executor atmosphere of the universe and of our planet EARTH. We just have to adjust and learn to live with it!!

    • Mike with the Silver Star

      Al Gore is a hypocrite, Anyone know if he ever had his own home fixed for energy savings? I don’t think he ever did.

  • Estell Newton

    Nobody in their right mind listens to Bernie Sanders.

  • Timothy Toroian


  • Phil Auten

    What we really “need” is Bernie and his wife Indicted, tried and convicted of their financial crimes and Bernie out of the Senate. Then Vermont needs to vote in a real American for Bernie’s replacement. One that will work for the good of the American people, not to enrich themselves at our expense. Hey, Bernie, climate change IS a hoax, invented by AL Gore so he could sell carbon credits and balloon his fortune.

    Phil in TX

  • FEDUP365


  • Old Dog

    Pruitt was doing a good job but the man couldn’t fart without it being reported. Pruitt was lied on and about he was publicly lynched without any evidence. The Lefty’s hated him as much as they hate Trump. They used every lie and called him every name in the book to pressure him into leaving. If your a good person with values the left will attack you.

    • Mike with the Silver Star

      Didn’t they even attack him in a restaurant?

  • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

    He’s just an old old drama queen! He was comical at first but now he sort of turns your stomach when you hear him mouthing off

  • gvette

    I want to know why this asshole, and his wife aren’t in prison yet.