Trump Labeled A Worldwide Embarrassment By Sanders

Senator Bernie Sanders recently gave his opinion on President Trump saying that he is “an international embarrassment” and also a “pathological liar” instead of standing up for our nation’s leader.

He explained, “I think it is an international embarrassment. We have a president who has driven the respect that this great country has all over the world down, and down lower than it has ever been. You have a president, this is not just me saying it, who is a pathological liar. Mitch McConnell said, ‘We want to know what the president stands for.’ Well, today is Friday. Maybe tomorrow it’ll be very different. I mean, I think that’s — and the other thing is, you’ve got a president who ran on a populist campaign. He said health care for everybody. He’s going to stand up to Wall Street. He’s going to stand up to the drug companies. He lied, and that is a sad state [of] affair[s].”