Ronald Reagan’s Son Reveals What He Really Thinks Of Donald Trump!!

One of the greater tragedies of the life of conservative right-wing legend Ronald Reagan is that his offspring departed so far from his memory and his political thought. Ironically, the one son of Reagan that really seems to have carried on in his name is the only one who was adopted – Michael Reagan.

And here’s what he has to say about Donald Trump:

And that’s not the first time.
Michael Reagan has been sounding the alarm against Donald Trump for years:

Of the Reagan kids, it really seems like Michael is most like his father in political sentiment, so his words and caveats really should carry a lot of weight in the conservative moment. Unless you’re more of a “Trumpservative” than you are a Reagan conservative.

SO what do you think? Is Michael Reagan right about el Trumpo or has he fallen into the same trap as the other Reagan kids?