RNC Chair Forecasting Midterm Success

Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel believes the Republicans will pick up seats in the Senate, which she claims will be “unprecedented in a midterm of a first-term president.”

McDaniel stated, “We know the historical trends 30 seats lost in that first midterm when you hold the White House. Obama lost 60 seats and usually you lose seats in the Senate. So the Senate map we are talking about picking up seats which is unprecedented in a midterm of a first-term president. So that’s something that everyone should be looking at. One to see if we pick up one seat that will be defying history on the House. We have a lot of seats and the margin.”

“Absolutely we’ve had an unprecedented amount of retirements and that has made it harder in some of these swing districts. But right now I’d say it’s 50-50 we are out every day working. The RNC has raised to date 250 million dollars. We’ve put 400-500 staff on the ground. We’ve trained 20,000 field organizers. That’s four times more than we did in 2016. So our infrastructure to turn out our vote to engage with our voters to talk to them about these results is the best it has ever been in the midterms. Now candidates matter and that’s going to be different in every single race. And we need these candidates to talk about their local issues go out there they have to work as hard as they’ve ever worked. Candidates who think that they’re in safe districts they’re going to have to give everything and we’re going to be there backing it up at the RNC.”

  • Dennis Recker

    It is good to hear optimism from the GOP HQ but the polls do not seem to support the prediction. Polls do not always provide an accurate picture of what eventually happens and I think it is possible that the wave is red rather than blue; but I will be uncertain to the end just like in 2016. I am certain of two things however; I will vote on Election day and I will vote for every conservative I can.

    • DrSique

      Keep in mind the 2016 polling data and that polling is only as good as the pollster is honest. From what I have read, democrats have an advantage in numbers who plan to vote. This has nothing to do with whom they plan to vote for.

      • Dennis Recker

        Care to venture an informed projection?

        • rivahmitch

          I”ll give you one. IMHO, the Democommies will win out in a squeeker. They’re vile and evil but they deliver for their corrupt and parasitical constituencies. The Republicrats, however, are more concerned with their comfortable relationships on the hill than the desires and needs of their constituents. Never, in my recollection, has a majority party so totally declined to deliver on its promises. I’m supporting them and working for them and I’ll vote for them but I believe they’ve killed themselves.

          • Dennis Recker

            I like you and I never even met you. Here is another perspective. The Democrats are fighting a small ideological battle among themselves. The new lefties have picked off a few of the moderate Dems and they are the growing segment of the Democratic party. The Moderates do not trust nor can they count on the Socialist wing of their new party and more than a few of their number have walked away somewhere. Now we add in the real kick in the pants that the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh causes. There will be a lot of finger pointing and blame gaming happening. This may unite the Demo’s on paper but it also will have charged up the Republicans and they usually show up at the polls and the divided Demo’s lose a close one in November. Even if we lose the house by a bit we still pick up a few seats in the Senate. Impeachment efforts fail because they cannot muster the 2/3rds majority in the Congress. The President is reelected in 2020 and gains back the House in the process. Now who the heck really knows how this all turns out but I remember the exhilarating feelings I had on election day 2016 and I did not expect that then so let’s get to work in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida, Minnesota, Arizona, West Virginia, Missouri and Tennessee and Texas and let’s make some history.

          • rivahmitch

            But both sides in the Democommies civil war have the same goal, destroying the middle class and turning us into a satrap of the UN and, they deliver on their promises which the Rs don’t. I don’t re3call and “moderate Democommies” opposing the Kenyan muslim/marxists efforts at destruction.

  • FEDUP365

    I’ve heard of so many demoncraps being embarrassed by their party and have either switched over to being a Republican or Independent and plan to vote either Republican or Tea Party or Liberal but not for any demoncraps. Man is that good news to know that the democratic socialist party has totally lost it’s base and may be coming to an end forever. I’d never vote for a demoncrap personally.

    • Dennis Recker

      Fedup365, I hear you and like to think that the walk away movement is real and significant but I always encourage conservatives to vote on November 6, 2018. There is so much at stake.