Proof Democrats Won’t Give Trump Any Credit

Representative Adam Smith made a public statement during the Democratic Weekly Address saying there are “signs that our economy is booming. Unfortunately, about 90 to 95 percent of that benefit is going to about 5 or 10 percent of the country.” It’s interesting to watch how they never say anything to give Trump credit from his success.

Transcript as Follows: 

Hello, I’m Adam Smith. I’m the Congressman who represents the 9th District of the state of Washington, and I’m pleased to have the opportunity to give the Democratic message for this week.

I know a lot of people paid close attention to the government shutdown that happened last week and are wondering what it was all about. Why did it happen? And there’s really a very simple explanation. The Republicans who control the House, the Senate and the White House are refusing to govern on the critical issues that face our country. And what they were trying to do last week – and ultimately did do – was pass yet another short-term, stop-gap spending bill. That is not funding the government.

There are so many issues that are not being addressed by this Congress, and what Democrats were trying to do was basically to force the Republicans to do their job. They won the election. They control the House, they control the Senate, they control the White House. It’s time to govern, but they’re not doing it. They’re not passing a budget to begin with.

I’m the Ranking Member in the House Armed Services Committee, and I’ve been privileged to work with the men and women who serve in our military. And we could not be better served, they make us proud every day. But the Congress right now, the Republican-controlled Congress is not serving our military, because it’s not passing a defense budget. A short-term spending bill is not a budget. The leaders of the Pentagon do not know from one week to the next how much money they’re going to have to spend. That makes it impossible to plan and impossible to put us in a position to adequately meet the national security needs of this country.

And it’s not just the Defense Department, it’s the entire budget. Our infrastructure. We have a crumbling infrastructure in this country estimated to have a $600 billion backfill. But again, the Republicans will not pass a transportation budget.

In a short-term spending bill, what they’ve passed now four times since the end of the fiscal year in September, is not a budget. They’re not funding infrastructure, they’re not funding research, they’re not funding education. We are stumbling forward one month at a time, and it goes beyond the budget.

We have had horrible hurricanes last year hit Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. They have not passed the disaster relief that these areas desperately need. Again, simply kicking the can down the road.

And of course, DACA. And we’ve heard a lot about it. The young people who came into this country didn’t make the choice to come into this country. The only country they’ve ever really known is the United States of America. And our government, a couple years ago, gave them legal status in this country – about 800,000 young people.

And then six months ago, President Trump simply took it away. Now at the time, he said he hoped Congress would pass legislation to deal with this, but the Republican Congress again has refused to do it. And again, that’s part of what was trying to be forced last week – to force them to give us a vote. If a vote came up on DACA, on protection for these DREAMers – for these young people – it would pass overwhelmingly in the House and the Senate. But the Republicans refuse to even give us a vote.

The only thing that the Republicans have done since they took over Congress and the White House last year, is pass a massive tax cut for the wealthiest among us and for corporations. Two groups of people that have had more than enough benefits in the last couple of decades. That tax cut even comes at the expense, in some cases, of middle class people.

What Democrats want is – we want an economy that builds from the middle out. That working people in the middle class can benefit from.

Now, you’ve seen all the signs that our economy is booming. Unfortunately, about 90 to 95 percent of that benefit is going to about 5 or 10 percent of the country.

We need to pass a budget to fix health care, to deal with disaster relief to deal with all of these issues if we’re going to actually take care of the middle class and the working people of this country – and that is what the Republicans have refused to do.

Now regrettably we found out last week that even when Democrats said, ‘Look, we’re not going to vote for another short-term spending bill that continues to put us down this path of uncertainty, that doesn’t fund our priorities, that doesn’t pass the bills that we need to pass, that doesn’t govern our country the way it’s supposed to.’

Even when faced with that, the Republicans said, ‘We don’t care. We’re still not going to do it. We’re not going to pass a budget, we’re not going to pass disaster relief, we’re not going to fix DACA, we’re not going to fix infrastructure, we’re not going to fix our health care plan.’

So we hope that that will change. This latest stop-gap goes to February 8th, we’ll see what happens then.

But the problem we have in this country right now is the Republicans who control the House, the Senate and the White House, flat out refuse to govern. They refuse to fix our health care system, they refuse to pass a budget, they refuse to take care of disaster relief. It is time we hold them accountable.

And we can’t do it alone in Congress. So, I ask you, the American people to stand up and tell the Republicans to govern.

We don’t need more short-term spending bills, we need a budget and we need a Congress and a White House that actually governs and leads this country.

  • Canesmang

    The scum on the left have no shame, no honor, and little credibility in just about everything!

    • Greg Dennis

      I agree. We all saw exactly what that party is made of, diring and after the
      State of the Union Address. Absolutely Shameful.

  • mar

    It is correct to say “a couple of years ago,” not “a couple years ago.” Why? Because a couple is a pair. It is not logical to say “a pair years.”

    Sad that our officials are not paid enough to hire writers who can read and write in English.

  • Terry Butts

    “And then six months ago, President Trump simply took it away.”

    False all he did was allow the BUILT IN EXPIRATION TIME to lapse without extending it because he (same AS ITS CREATOR that included that limit) felt congress had enough time to have CONSTITUTIONALLY dealt with the issue without relying on an illegal EO getting extended indefinitely like so many other TEMPORARY things a lot of which was supposed to expire in the 70s or 80s but keep getting extended some until LAWSUITS forced congress to make laws regarding them to avoid the government LOSING the power they got from the TEMPORARY “EMERGENCY” actions. The DEMOCRATS and MEDIA act as if simply DOING NOTHING and allowing the EO to expire according to its own built in date was an ACTIVE ACTION to remove the EO.

    The democrats still refuse to accept that Trump LEGALLY won an election they thought they had sufficiently interfered with (rigged) to get Hillary into office. However between the people who FOUND BEFORE THE POLLS EVEN OPENED ballot boxes hidden away that would have put her in office had they been “FOUND” afterwards to the long list of ineligible votes she received they still failed to steal the election from the people.

    Since they did not get their way and have Hillary put in office despite losing the election they have done everything in their power to prevent the people from having a government more concerned for their rights and their safety than the foreign interests the Democrats have repeatedly shown they think are more important.

    One Democratic judge actually ruled that the “CONSTITUTIONAL rights” (which only apply to US CITIZENS) of an ILLEGAL was violated by enforcing one of the LAWS passed to protect US CITIZENS from illegals. Meanwhile they continue to attempt to pass LEGISLATION taking away that very right from ACTUAL US citizens.

  • ROB

    It don’t matter now. The truth is going to sink the scumbags.

  • Guillermo Narvaez

    If you can’t win by merit…..lie your freaking ass off! It was chuckie and his party who put illegal aliens way ahead of the American people. Your lies will eventually catch up to you.

  • apzzyk

    i have been looking for some sort of cost effectiveness discussions on Trump’s wish lists. With an official unemployment rate of full employment (below 5%) what will be the source of replacements for those deported? Who is the US born citizen who will take the place of the NM Teacher of the Year who is a dreamer? A school district in CO had to get temporary teacher certification for an oil patch worker to fill a math teacher position that has been unfilled for several years? To deport the Teacher of the year will cost the taxpayers money, and since she probably has federally insured student loans that she would not have to pay if deported, how much will that cost the taxpayers? Then there is the little matter of the Constitution, which Trump did not sign that seems to be his chief foe. Information that was coerced from a person cannot be used to punish him or her. As a condition for getting the temporary green card, the dreamers had to register with the INS – something that they would not have done given free will, and then report so that they could be checked out by the INS to remain in the US `which means that the INS would have to spend time and money developing the information on their own to deport them. How much will that cost? What is the return on investment? I would guess some really big negative number. You multiply that number by the over 12 illegals in the country, and I would estimate that it would be larger than the annual total federal budget. Is it worth it?
    Trump cherry picked the family member of the young women killed by MS13 and represented by omission the immigration status of the killers. MS13 has been estimated to have over 10,000 members, so are all of them here illegally? Even the local cops and the feds who might have infilltrated probably cannot tell us, but just give us the estimate that the academics who are studying gang behavior use, which is no more than 5%. On average, over 50,000 people have entered the US every year seeking refugee status. Are they really representative of this entire group?
    In his speech he talked about the need for infrastructure, but said nothing about his proposed cut of the federal contribution (returning the tax payers money to where the spending is needed) from the current 80/20 federal/slate to a 20/80 in the future. This is the federal gas tax money that is earmarked for highway construction and maintenance. Giving the other money to the wealthy for tax breaks? How much will state and local taxes have to increase to keep things the same or even improved?
    If the actual number of people without jobs who want one are more that reported, could it be that we are counting wrong? If we are counting wrong then why not correct the way we count to be accurate? If we are counting unemployment wrong, then what else are we counting or measuring wrong? Is GDP really up or down? Is serious crime really up, down, the same during Trump’s term in office? What percent of the change can be attributed to Trump?

    • ChuckS123

      Trump was correct that the real unemployment rate was 23% before the election. According to, it’s still 21.7%, if you include all the underemployed and people who left the work force.

  • Joe Martinez

    If we didn’t have RINO traitors like McCain that won’t stand with the Republican Party that they were elected to by the people President Trump could accomplish so much more.

  • Bushmaster0369

    The Democratic Political Leadership Mentality that is being spewed by the “garbage dump” of personnel at the DNC Headquarters, is this; “It is TRUMPS fault if North Korea nukes us, he caused it all!” OK let me try and understand correctly and make sure I got this straight. IF WE GET NUKED by North Korea, it will be by; the missile technology given to China, by Bill Clinton, and China gave some to N. Korea and Iran, then OBAMA gave IRAN billions of illegal money and a horrible missile treaty to fund their nuclear program and IRAN helped N. Korea, then HILLARY in a kickback scheme sold the Russians Uranium, that was then refined by Iran into weapons-grade plutonium in Russian centrifuges bought with money OBAMA gave IRAN, allowing nuclear warheads to be built. Now according to the Democratic Leadership, because of a “Fake News” dossier written by a two-face former British Spy, paid for and initiated by the HILLARY’S foundation and the Democratic Party, (Democratic Party Base, DNC is throwing your money away), then COMEY exonerated HILLARY of any wrong doing months before she was investigated and the FBI Leadership which are part of the DEEP STATE are mostly OBAMA and HILLARY democratic contributors, OBAMA appointees and the whole mess was to falsely show President TRUMP colluded with the Russians. This was to keep all the graft, corruption, lying, back door agreements and out right traitorous actions hidden, all done by the Democratic Leadership, while trying to destroy President TRUMP.