Proof Democrats Want To Divide Us

Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) spoke about the heated back and forth he has with Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA).

He began by stating the conversation initiated with a discussion regarding car loans. Kelly stated, “There was a steady stream of Democrats coming down to the microphone and constantly berating automobile dealers and automobile people that I know so well, love so well and have worked with for so long. This is absolutely preposterous. Again, it’s about dividing us as Americans, not about uniting us. And when we go to saying it’s white vs. nonwhite, it’s man vs. woman. That is so preposterous. And those are the type of things that divide us as a people. So, it’s appalling for me to sit and watch that I will tell you this: if people think it’s okay to sit back and not say anything when you know it’s not true, when you know it’s an outright lie, when you know it’s an outright attempt to divide us and say nothing, that is not being a standup American. Have you got to stand up for all Americans, by the way.”

“Don’t take my word for it, Google Ms. Waters and see what she has done in her lifetime. Everything has got to come down to discrimination somehow we are not treating nonwhite people fairly. We are discriminating against them. Since this president came into office and this administration we have seen an economy that’s skyrocketed and good for all Americans. Not just white Americans or not white Americans but all Americans. These are red, white, and blue issues. And if we can’t get away from this divisive type of talk, we cannot come together as a nation. That’s horrible. It’s totally unacceptable.”

  • Oscar Pearson

    Truth is truth!

    • Trump, dont sell us out

      As long as there are idiots like you spewing your venom, these people playing the race card will have their justification. That man should be punished for what he did, not because of his skin color. Sometimes I wonder whose hurting America worse?

  • James Jones

    It does seem as though every pundit talking to reporters always talk about racial division or some minority being held back. They always want special rights for these subcultures and I for one get very tired of it. What the heck are they trying to do anyway – – – oh yea cause division so we are easily concurred from within just like Obama tried to do for 8 years.

  • john jones

    i had rather watch maxine blow up and act ignorant than watch the 3 stooges. she has to leave her rich white neighborhood and her muti million dollar home and travel a ways to a black community down the road for her to run for congress. she can’t get any votes in her district even for dog catcher.

  • Terry Butts

    “united we stand divided we fall”

    This is something that has been known since long before the American Revolution and our enemies have been trying to “divide and conquer” this nation ever since the previous tyrannical government was removed by force in the 1770s.

    I recall an auction several years ago that was broadcast over a C band satellite channel that was held in some other nation they were auctioning off the journal of a British spy from the 1770s era the read allowed an excerpt from it where he outlined what his mission was in it he stated he was to divide the nation along racial lines so in the aftermath of the “race war” they wanted him to cause The king could point to America as an example of the “disaster” that happens without the GUIDANCE of a king when people govern themselves.

    Through REVISED history where they make the founders out to be vilians who just did not want to “PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE OF TAXES” so those who fought for the rights outlined in the constitution can have all records of there contribution to FREEDOM removed from history so people will no longer know the truth.

    From the alteration of school textbooks to the point looking up the US constitution that used to give the full text of the document now only contains a dictionary definition of what a constitution is with the date the US constitution was ratified to the PC curriculum designed to make sure every student “FEELS GOOD” even when they fail they have removed all concept of how the world works in reality it is no wonder that students indoctrinated into this PC nonsense snap (everything from on air breakdowns to acting out in violence) when reality breaks the delusion created by those who indoctrinated them.

  • WhiteFalcon

    Liberalism is a brain disorder.