Pope Declares Bullying Is Devil’s Work

Pope Francis recently declared to the public that bullying the weak is “the work of the devil.”

“How much wickedness there is even in children!”, The pope said, “They pick on the weakest!”

“I ask myself: what is inside these people? What is inside of us that leads us to despise, mistreat, and mock the weakest?” Francis questioned. “I believe it is one of the vestiges of original sin, because attacking the weak was the office of Satan from the beginning: he did it with Jesus and he does it with us, with our weaknesses.”

“There is no compassion in Satan: there is no place for compassion, and when the weak is attacked, there is no compassion. We always need to dirty the other, to pick on the other.”

  • So why does this poop ALWAYS stand up for the most damnable deadly BULLIES on the planet every time he gets the chance? This silly fickle old FOOL consistently protects and promotes the horrid muzslime.

  • jim jones

    Good food for thought, thanks your holiness!

  • Chuck Cottom

    Bullies for protecting our way of life??? It isn’t bullying it is resistance

  • patrick sain

    Pope the dope don’t have no a brain period protecting are homeland is are responsible as U.S. citizens of this great nation on earth

  • teachersaide

    WISH this Nit Wit was as Vocal on the ISLAMIC EXTREMIST TERRORISTS, who are beheading people, raping women/children, burning people alive, blowing up Christian churches, etc.