Phoenix PD: Do Not Call ICE

PHOENIX, Arizona — The Phoenix Police Department is looking into implementing a new policy for officers that would keep them asking about immigration status or from contacting U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement when dealing with any type of violation.

The new policy appears to still be in a draft form as part of a revision to the Phoenix Police Department Operations Orders. In the new policy, officers are forbidden from asking about immigration status or from calling U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) when encountering illegal immigrants while investigating crimes.

In the new policy, the term “illegal alien” is being replaced by “a person unlawfully present” and “Immigration Enforcement” is being replaced by the term “Immigration Procedures.” The current policy gives police officers the discretion to contact ICE when they suspect that an individual connected to a crime they are investigating is in the country illegally.  The new policy being proposed would remove that discretion from the officers leading to the lawman having to  must first contact the Violent Crimes Bureau (VCB) desk Sergeant who will document all immigration related data and give authority to call ICE.”  The policy also prohibits officers from inquiring the immigration status of passengers in vehicles while conducting traffic stops.

The restriction is only placed when an officer is contacting agents with ICE; Phoenix cops have no restrictions when contacting the Federal Bureau of Investigations, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, the U.S. Marshal’s service or any other law enforcement agency when investigating crimes.

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  • Thomas Lee Fugate

    pull all Federal grant money to the department

    • Fred

      I wish people would stop this withhold Federal funding crap. Send in Federal Marshals an arrest the Mayors, City Councils an the Police Commissioners for Obstruction of Justice. Do that to a couple of Cites an see how fast other Cites change thier tunes.

      • USCBIKER

        Do both!!

        • Fred

          You have a good idea why not also punish the Citizens as well they are the ones that vote the Idiots into office.

      • Charles Covington

        Fred I agree with you 100%

      • Thomas Lee Fugate

        Not a bad idea but the MSM would go wall to wall with the “Jack booted Thugs”. Perhaps it should be done anyway. there should be no new money to any city or state that tries to make immigration policy.

        • georgesteele

          Maybe a few of them should visit the MSM; after all, we have freedom of the press in this country – not freedom of treasonous sedition and propaganda against the state. The MSM are no more entitled to protection for their attempted coup and overthrow of order through collusion and lies under freedom of the press than are Muslims entitled to protection for their attempted establishment of a totalitarian, Sharia-based political caliphate under freedom of “religion.”

          We need to set some sensible boundaries here; a border must be established between news and editorial opinion. News is objective representation of fact; that’s what should be protected in the press; when the press steps over the line and masquerades hysterical, seditious advocacy of insurrection as news, they should be subject to prosecution. The press MUST be held to a higher standard than under freedom of speech; they have a stronger influence than that of an individual – and currently are wreaking chaos in our country.

  • Bayside GolfClub

    Would any other Country do something so stupid? NO.. It;s not who They are.. It’s NOT who WE are either. It would be uniquely STUPID. And it would attract bad people, while making their own citizens sitting ducks. Imagine the stupidity!

  • mousekiller

    Publicly the Phoenix PD shows they cares less about the citizens of Phoenix. They seem to be Trump haters and are going to be sued big time one day for the stupid actions of police leadership ( or lack of) putting children and family’s at risk.. Illegal is criminal. Changing the name does not make is a non crime.What is happening to this country.? Is it going to take a revolution to wake some ashats leaders up? lock N load


      No, mousekiller, it takes voters and this state is infested with white guilt liberals, beaners and CA refugees.

      • georgesteele

        Easily solved – just shoot ’em all. Sounds like law enforcement is becoming irrelevant, so might as well take the anarchy all the way. That’s where it’s headed, isn’t it?

  • George Rowe

    I live in Phoenix and have lived in the Phoenix area since 1947. Very active in civic activities and chaired the Phoenix License Appeals Board for 28 (or so) years.
    Maybe now is the time to leave as I am ashamed of this lawlessness by the city.

    • wattsupstupid

      I imagine that most of the people in Phoenix are missing Sheriff Joe. I have a foster daughter that lives there, she said she felt that the election had been rigged and stolen for both the Sheriff’s office and for the Senate. I truly can’t understand anyone want McCain back in, he is the biggest RINO in the Senate.

      • JBenat3006

        Has the new sheriff taken down Tent City yet? I am sure law breaking illegal aliens and criminals of all kinds would love that and the new sheriff would get their votes in the future!

  • dstudie

    The Phoenix police leadership needs to be fired. They are clearly criminals and anti-Americans. They are refusing to follow the law, and that makes them traitors as well as criminals. It is blatantly clear they care nothing about the citizens of Phoenix at all. These ignorant leftists need to go away permanently.

  • Poodleguy

    A great reason to mourn the departure of Sheriff Joe Arpaio! Now Maricopa County has a pussy for a sheriff!


    Let’s not forget, this is the same state that elected Gov. Bulldyke Napolitano and Sen. John Clusterf**k McCain. I think the problem here is the CA refugees who move to AZ and are so MFing stupid, they think voting the same way they did in CA won’t f**k up their new state.

  • Chuck Kern

    Maybe it’s something in the water! There seems to be a lot of idiots and traitors claiming AZ as their home.

  • Wayne Arch

    looks like isis people have a control in Phoenix, AKA islam, AKA terrorists

  • gene smiith

    What an absolute load of CRAP/ What is happening in this Country, and in this case, ARIZONA….that makes understanding the LAW such a difficult chore…..The law clearly states what is right and wrong….simple stuff. You can jerk off with the words, it doesn’t change the LAW. Dammit, obey it.

  • Elizabeth Johnson

    It is NOT the place, duty, or responsibility, or jurisdiction of local police to enforce Federal laws. Back when ICE was called INS, Federal LEOs would call and tell them and tell them we had “Undocumented” or “Expired Visas”. The INS office ask us to hold them for days until they could send someone by. Our answer was we have only holding cells and cannot hold anyone for days. The INS response was always ok, let them go, we will catch them later.

    The problem is local (Non federal LEOs) holding these people is they do not get reimbursed for their costs. Some do have MOU’s or MOA’s and or contracts to hold Federal prisoners. These get reimbursed for all costs.

    To solve crimes and crime prevention the local police need NOT to be “Junior” ICE agents. Locals need community support as the community needs to feel protected.

    Enforcing INS laws is NOT the job of Non-Federal LE.

    • georgesteele

      Oh, horsesh*t! Then take some of the budget for donuts and bottled water and use it for law enforcement – otherwise, what’s the point? Next thing you know, they’ll be demanding a stipend for hair salons to shampoo the sand out of their hair. Some expenses are intrinsic to LAW enforcement. That comes first! Free shoe polish and cookie funds need to be sacrificed to that end. Nothing is written in stone that you have no obligation to sacrifice for the best execution of your duties. What – Phoenix is not in America? They get nothing from the feds, so they owe them nothing?

      They aren’t ENFORCING federal law; they are assisting federal agents in enforcing it. I guess if I see a guy dying on the street from a heart attack, I really shouldn’t bother administering CPR, because no one is PAYING me to do so. I mean, I’m not an EMT; what do I care about the health of members of my community? I do nothing I’m not paid by someone to do – because there is no society, there is no community, there is no such thing as “manners” – only things that are either legal or illegal – no middle ground. Volunteering? Charity? Samaritanism? That’s all for saps. What’s in it for me?

  • 615GEJ1

    Has the Phoenix mayor, city council and Police Chief lost their minds? Have they all joined RAZA?
    Put down the “stupid” koolaid and join the USA.

  • Larry Cowden

    And the jackasses lead the PD there down that asinine road of PC! May they be shot!

  • georgesteele

    WTF? The above says: “. . . remove that discretion from the officers. leading to the lawman . . .;” that makes a mockery of the name. So now, a LAWman cannot unilaterally uphold the LAW. Then what is he? A “discretionman?” Is “a person UNLAWfully present” now suddenly an oxymoron from the viewpoint of LAW enforcement? This selective enforcement is making a mockery of the rule of law. “Aw, hell – let’s not bother with murderers – they’re just misunderstood.” Let’s just disband the legislature and do what feels good. No need for them – they make laws, but we don’t care. Or for “law” enforcement, for that matter. Or judges. Let’s just all do whatever the hell we feel like. Let’s just let citizens take care of it – shoot whoever they feel like, with no repercussions. Wait – there’s already a country like that: Mexico . . .

  • gypsy314

    Folks in Az. must step up and rid Az. of the liberal commies holding seats that harm Americans period