Pelosi Demands Kushner Be Removed

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) recently stated Jared Kushner should be dismissed from the Trump administration.

Pelosi stated, “I don’t think he should have been there, to begin with, especially with the portfolio that he had. The president doesn’t put high value on experience, knowledge, and judgment.”

“Something is wrong with this picture. What is the purpose of people coming into public service? What is their knowledge? What is their judgment? What is the vision that they have that makes them important to be appointed by the president of the United States, given security clearance, which is a very high-level anointment, and use that position—while they’re in the job—to get another job or to get investments into their family’s companies? This is corrosion of integrity in government, and I think that the Trump family has engaged in that.”