Ocasio-Cortez Tries To Stop Kavanaugh’s Confirmation

During an episode of CNN’s “State of the Union,” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court should be delayed until the 35-year-old accusation from an anonymous woman was investigated.

Ocasio-Cortez said, “I believe, first of all, Brett Kavanaugh should not be confirmed to the Supreme Court under any circumstances, regardless an independent accusation.”

She closed, “I certainly think that one of the aspects of due process is that we have to hear these things out and he should certainly not be confirmed before this is explored.”

  • Displayguy

    This ditz doesn’t deserve a comment.

    • Norman Fox

      But the loser liberal media thinks so. They graduated from college on how to be stupid in journalism,

  • ArizonaMomma

    She is a nut case like the rest of the liberal fruitcakes. WTH does she know about politics? I’m sure I know a lot more then her. IDIOT.l

    • Concerned

      I agree. Why is this bitch saying anything she hasn’t even been elected to anything yet and she probably won’t be. Is this looney tune what we need in New York. Go back to the country you came from goofy and start trouble there.

    • Michael Williams

      A nut case or a ignorant as the day is long. Wake up people, this all about keeping the right to murder the unborn. Life starts at conception. Don’t believe it? Where did everyone start?

  • Frank Roza

    Could this anonymous woman be fictional,I wonder? Don’t trust the Dems as far as you can throw them!

    • Karla

      Well she is not anonymous now… Independent journalist Mike Cernovich says Christine Blasey is a far-left activist who spent all weekend deleting her social media accounts. But obviously she was paid to come forward NOW, after 35 years so the dems can try to make sure Kavanaugh does not get confirmed. I don’t believe her for one minute. These people are beyond contempt.

  • john jones

    i would like to have some one explore how much money she has received from soros and the dnc in a swiss bank account. michelle obama said when they go low we go high,she must have been on drugs when she said that statement.

  • Steve Flowers


  • carl

    We knew her position all along, ms. Ford doesn’t change a thing.

  • Bishop351

    She can’t find her way to the bathroom by herself.

  • speck

    who let the dogs out ?
    lowlife stupid stupid stupid.
    get rid of her.

    • Norman Fox

      Would be delighted if you would not compare this bitch to a dog. Dogs are more intelligent caring and protective. While this bitch flows with the big turds in the sewer would be a perfect anology

    • Harpistjill

      She is NOT a DOG! Dogs are INTELLIGENT, loving, caring, nonjudgmental animals! She is a lowly human!

  • David Nichols

    What a marooon to quote B Bunny

  • Norman Fox

    Lets see how many ladies of the night are out there being paid by the leftist liberals to point a finger of accused sexual misconduct. What’s next did he go to the grocery store and buy toilet paper with a credit card too?

  • dumbvet

    This woman is dumber than a bag of rocks

  • speck

    sorry ur so right i love dogs . she lives in a sewer.

  • Medic RN

    Soooo….why not? TDS?

  • Martif

    This woman is a child. A stupid one, at that. She should sue Boston U for giving her a degree without teaching her anything.

    • Fedup

      She is one of Obama’s DACA kids who we supported all the way through school and it got her into Boston U. Now she wants everyone to have everything given to them the way she was. Look up Communist in the dictionary and it will have a picture of her.

  • Bob

    This Socialist words are true if you change just a few words ….
    … “I believe, first of all, Ocasio-Cortex should not be elected to the US Senate under any circumstances, regardless….”

  • pete

    Cortez, Ford has not filed charges. As no one has filed charges against you for impersonating a politician and a human being. Goodbye………



  • jackel

    Like most of the socialist democrats as rising stars, their high priced and decorated educations are falling way short of intelligence, and, that they learned anything at all.
    Certainly facts and truth have no place in their lives; maybe no history and common sense either.
    Now it appears that this latest charade may be just that by the democrats.
    Time to take the vote and put an end to the whining and deception from the peanut gallery and circus being exhibited by the dems, at any cost.
    America is waiting!!!

  • meme35


  • Patrick Feeney

    Ocasio Cortez couldn’t find her way out of a telephone booth!! She’s dumber than dirt!

  • Christian_Patriot7

    Go away little girl, go far away to Venezuela where you belong and take Bernie Sanders with you and all the liberal communist demoncrats!! AMERICA IS NOT FOR YOU!!

  • Fedup

    Who cares what this illegal alien says or wants. She thinks she is the flavor of the month but people are getting tired of her and her loud mouth.

  • Mike Tanco


  • Kent Powers

    When a party puts out nominees such as this it is easy to see just how low on the totem pole they have to go to get idiots stupid enough to believe & try to follow their losing agenda. It is beyond sheeples now days it is to the point of absolute mental loss to go along with the democrat cartel.

  • If this woman somehow manages to make it into politics, I think We the People and our country, are in very deep doo doo!

  • marco a. poshar

    this Idiot is beyond help ,,,,,dumber than Box-0-Rocks

  • Joseph Morgan

    She is the one who should be investigated, she has no common sense and is a total social liberal IDIOT. Another one like the “Hogg” IDIOT. No brains only a mouth that roars but still can not even get the pre written scrip right, they are nothing but f**king demoRAT puppets.

  • America First

    Hello, she doesn’t believe in our Constitution. Why of course she doesn’t want a strong constitutional Judge to shoot her communist ideas down. She is everything a non-American would love. And she is ugly and bug eyed as a pug dog! yuck!! Someone put in overtime with the ugly stick on that pig.

  • Mac Daddy

    But this Dim Witt doesn’t care about due process because as she stated she doesn’t want him appointed to the Supreme Court under any circumstances even if this accusation is false. God help New Yorkers if this is the most intelligent person they can nominate for congress or maybe they get what they deserve because they elected Coumo who is nothing but a Leftist Dictator.